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Scottie B - Beatin' The Club

Author: CycloneS
Friday, 31 August 2007

Spank Rock may be the superstars of the raucous Baltimore club, but it was Scottie B who pioneered the regional sound in the ’80s, later teaming with Shawn ‘Ceez’ Caesar to launch unruly records. Now, finally, Scottie is receiving international recognition. 3D’s Cyclone caught up.

There’s a great curiosity in Baltimore club here in Australia. Are you surprised at the music’s global popularity-
Yeah, not because of the content, but just because it took so long.

Do you think that people outside the US understand the music and its roots-

They don’t. It’s not a knock. It’s just like a joke - you know, it’s funny and you laugh a little. But you really don’t understand how funny it is because you weren’t there. It’s like you had to be there to understand its root. Now they understand its current relevance because they are a part of it - and that’s cool!
And it’s not just outside the US. You are giving the US too much credit. They also don’t understand the roots.

Most people beyond the music heads think of those relative newcomers Spank Rock when they think Baltimore club. Are the pioneers being recognised-

The Spank Rock guys are great. They fill a slot with their style, as do I and anybody else - like Sinden and Switch, Herve… all of that is influenced by Baltimore club. They will tell you that. When people started asking them, they said it. So people started to research it and they came up with the pioneers. They then tied together what they knew, which was Hollertronix, with what they just learned about - and, together, the movement known as Baltimore club became bigger and now is a force. So yeah, they are recognised fully, but they should use it as a way to progress and take advantage of it.

Can you hear the Baltimore influence creeping into mainstream hip hop- Would you produce big hip hop acts-
Of course. It would be nice if the big producers who are getting these jobs and imitating it could include us.

Is it true that Pharrell Williams told you he wanted to produce Baltimore club-
Yep! And not recently. It was actually before the first Justin Timberlake song, Let Me Love You, came out. Hear the subtle influences-

WHO: Scottie B
WHAT: Plays Peace Out at T2, Taylor Square
WHEN: Friday 7 September