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Sebastian Ingrosso - Music vs Sex

Author: Bill Miller
Friday, 14 December 2007
To Sebastian Ingrosso, music is his all. Whilst some may not be able to breathe without a pen and paper, cooking ingredients, or a calculator (perhaps even water-), Ingrosso admits to Bill Miller that music is the one thing keeps him alive.

“Music is life and life is music”, he says.

I've been waiting anxiously to chat with the musical master, as recent weeks (and years - try two!) have seen him buried in the studio alongside long-time friend and DJ partner Steve Angello. Though curious as to what they've been cooking up, I've been certain of one thing - Swedish-based Ingrosso won't be walking in a winter wonderland this New Year. Rather, he will be soaking up the radiant Melbournian rays at Summadayze 2008.

Ingrosso and Angello have just landed in Dubai ahead of a gig scheduled for the following day. So what have these two been up to-

“We have come out of the studio with a new single called Bodycrash,” Ingrosso says. “It took us two years but it's finally done and we're coming out with an Angello/Ingrosso single on my label called 555. We have a lot of crazy stuff coming out next year, I can't say anything now because we're just finalising everything, but there's gonna be huge rock bands and we'll be working with a lot of producers, so yeah we'll be working a lot!”

The seeds of Sebastian's passion for music were planted when he was only eight years old.

“My father started his record label, like this electronic dance music and future disco and stuff and I just fell in love,” he says. His professional career then took flight about three or four years ago. “We [Ingrosso and Angello] just came out with a lot of tracks at the same time and the sound we played then, it was kind of sweet with a lot of energy - it was a different thing and people and DJs and the radio loved it. We were doing the thing we liked and we were rocking the party.”

So I'm curious, how does he feel when he's out there on stage amidst hundreds of screaming fans-

“Time stops,” he says. “I'm in love every time”.

And what has been his most memorable experience-

“When I lost my virginity!” he reveals. I can't help but burst into laughter and he laughs along with me. “I'll never forget that, it was horrible.”

WHO: Sebastian Ingrosso
WHAT: Plays Pacha NYE at Home
WHEN: Monday 31 December