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Shlomi Aber - State Of Aber

Author: Ben Vozzo
Friday, 19 October 2007
Israelian techno/house producer Shlomi Aber is making the trip to Australia this week, gracing the decks at Chinese Laundry. 3D's Ben Vozzo climbed the West Bank Barrier to get to him first.

Your bio claims that dance music's “current holiday destination of choice is, without question, Israel” - the club scene must really be thriving there lately-
It's not necessarily talk about the local scene here inside Israel - there is so much music and new producers coming out from Israel these days such as myself, Gel Abril, Guy Gerber, Guy J, Chaim, Itamar Sagi and more, doing amazing in the outside market on the top labels worldwide.

Who are some of the other Israeli DJs and producers we should look out for at the moment-
My favourites are Gel Abril and Itamar Sagi, they're doing very interesting upfront sounds - those guys are going to be the next thing.

Is the rest of the Tel Aviv scene all about the same sort of deep electronic sounds that you produce-
Not at all, the big clubs playing mostly commercial or gay music, the more interesting [music] here happens in the small underground clubs, the intellectual sound is not big here anymore as it used to be few years ago.

Tell us about your album with Renaissance, the first artist album they'll ever release - will it be similar to one of your club sets-
Exactly the opposite… that was the interesting thing in doing this album; I allowed myself to be much more experimental and do much more eclectic and downtempo beats, most of the album based around electronica and updated chillout.

Your production draws mainly on techno, house and minimal, but what do you listen to outside of the studio-
Good question. I am listening to almost everything, from rock to jazz, but lately I'm finding myself listening a lot to electronic albums like Thom Yorke and more…

One track, Eastern Breeze, uses traditional instruments from the Yemen. Do you find yourself drawn to being influenced by Israeli culture through your music production-
No, I just tried to bring an extra element to the album, to do something unique that I hadn't heard before. Personally it's one of my favourite tracks on the album, I can listen to it in any mood… it can be on the beach with the sun or on a rainy day. This track has an amazing story behind it - I heard from a friend of a friend about some old Yemen guy who lives in some village three hours from Tel
Aviv and plays a very interesting instrument (Oud) amazingly. I was very interested in that as I was looking for something that can stand out, after a few tries, this 70 - 80 year-old guy agreed to come to my studio to play for me, I drove three hours each way to bring him to my studio, he didn't speak almost at all during the session - I think he doesn't know Hebrew so well and his son was translating everything, but he drank like 10 cup of teas in 2 - 3 hours… That was a very funny and strange day.

Finally, do you have any special tricks in your bag for your visit to Australia-
I can't tell all my cards, but I can ensure you it will be very, very interesting. I just hope to find an open-minded crowed over there.

WHO: Shlomi Aber
WHAT: Club Club at Chinese Laundry
WHEN: Saturday 27 October