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Sisqo - Enter The Dragon

Author: Carlisle Rogers
Friday, 24 August 2007
Sisqó is nearly as hilarious on the phone as he is talented in the studio. So when I ask him if he’s still got any money left over from Thong Song sales, he laughs and says, “Come on dude, I wrote The Thong Song – I’m not broke, I got an indoor pool.”
Working on his third album The Last Dragon with a slew of notable production talent like Timbaland and Neo, Sisqó is finally going to hit Australia’s shores. His last visit, scheduled to run alongside Eminem’s aborted dates, never quite happened. “You guys have some strict rules. Man, it is hard to get into your country. I was supposed to come there directly from Japan back in 2001 with Eminem. I wasn’t able to make it either, when he couldn’t, and if freaking sucked. I was going through some crazy stuff with my old distribution, so this is really my first chance to make it to Australia. I have a lot to make up – I have a lot to prove. I hope to God that when I get there you guys really appreciate the show because I’m putting everything into it. One of my dancers got detained in Dubai – we ain’t going to go into that. We got him out, so we’re doing everything we can do to give you the best show that we can.”
He says that right now nobody else is allowed to use the pool because he’s busy training for this world tour. “In my live performance there are about four or five up-tempo songs that I perform simultaneously. Technically, that isn’t really done with even the iconic artists like Michael or Janet. That’s probably the closest you’re going to get to what I do with a live performance. It takes a lot of breath control, a lot of cardio-vascular activity. So I’ve been training with my personal trainer, Murder. And man, he murders you, I promise you. I’ll give you 20 minutes with him and you’ll probably hurl.
“I’ve got about 15 years of training. I’ve been training since middle school. My business partner, Kevin – he found myself and my group Dru Hill, back when we were 14 years old. Dancing and singing isn’t really the difficult part. The most difficult part of this tour is not being able to bring my whole band.”
Sisqó says that he breaks his day up into training and working in the studio most days, notwithstanding the steady stream of geisha girls, Hispanic girls and Indian girls that visit his house on a rotating schedule throughout the day… “First the geisha girls come in. Then I normally get a manicure and pedicure. Then we get the Hispanic girls to come in with the fans. Then we bring the Indian girls in and they make curry. But seriously, my life is pretty freaking boring. I have to get up and eat a bunch of hospital food. Every time I have a new project on the way, there is a lot of training involved to make sure that I give people the best show. So I get up at six a.m., get beat to hell by my personal trainer. After that I come home, eat some more hospital food… I call it that because there’s no grease or salt in it…It tastes like crap but you get used to it. After that I go into my studio, where most of my albums were recorded. We brainstorm with some stuff. We don’t really record full songs unless it sounds like a total smash. After that, then the geisha girls come in… No, at the end of the day we normally have a wild party, then I have to work it all off the next day.
“Most of my biggest solo hits I wrote and produced. On this album I have some of the bigger known folks that are producing and writing for people now like Timbaland and Neo. He wrote a couple of songs on my album. Actually, I think I might have helped him get his deal. Neo was submitting some songs to me for my album, to my label. My distributor heard it and they were really impressed with his talent, and that helped push his career in a positive direction. As far as Timbaland, I’m really close with the members of Jodeci. We got hooked up in a round-about way through my connections with those guys.”
With the first single from the new album scheduled for a Christmas release, Sisqó says he is testing the waters now. “Just going out and letting people know that I’m not old and fat, you know.”

WHO: Sisqó
WHAT: Performs at Roc Tha Block at the Sydney Entertainment Centre
WHEN: Friday 31 August