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Sista She - Sista, She Wrote

Author: Darryn King
Sunday, 9 December 2007
In their black tracksuits and big sneakers, Sista She are bringing some serious Girl Power to next year’s Spirit of Soul Festival.(No, not that kind of Girl Power.) 3D’s Darryn King talks to Rasheda MC Eda, the Sista Leader.You two met in quite a weird way – can you confirmthere was a weird toothless man involved-Affirmative 3DWorld: he was where bogan meets westie meets Sutherland Shire. A delightful mixof stubbies, thongs, ginger mullet and a distinctive lack of teeth!Whereabouts in the suburbs do you hail from- Didthe experience scar you for life-I hail from theWest West South… over Campbelltown way where the multiculturalism, Westie’ismand working class’ism is visible in all aspects of daily life.My partner inrhyme Sheila MC Eila, the Harmonic Healer, hails from Sutherland Shire, whichis why we were actually on Gymea Station when we met our very first muse.The experienceof being harassed on train stations is one that Aussie girls and womenexperience from at least 12 years old and one that both Sheila and l knew well.Although some of these can be scarring and leave one feeling fairly icky, onthat occasion in Gymea we whipped that dirty dude well and proper and we have atrack that has become Aussie folk lore! I refer to Whatr Yooze Girls Doin’ – our 2004 release that has had youngladies standing up for themselves on train stations ever since!I know you gals are proud to be Australian – whoare a couple of your fave Australian musicians and why-Oh, this is alarge and varied list, from Johnny Farnham to Ebony Williams, Vika and LindaBull, TIDDAS, Angie Hart, Via Tania to the Indigenous Intrudaz, Hilltop Hoodsand Gotye. For numerous reasons we love it all – also quite a few of the aboveare collaborating as guest artists on our first studio album… does anyone havea contact for Johnny Farnham-Unfortunately not… You’ve been preaching Sistaphilosophy for years now – briefly, can you sum it up for us-SistaPhilosophy is about Respecting the Ladies, Respecting the Lady MC andcelebrating the bootay.What’s in store for us at the Spirit of SoulFestival-Concert-stylephatness with some dangerous curves and some rather large beats, brought to youfrom the notorious Busty Beats.Incidentally, who’s this Candy and Sarah I hearabout, and what do they have to do with you-They are thearchitects, the creators – they put the food on the table. They help book thegigs and maintain a steady commitment to keeping us onstage and kicking butt.Without them we wouldn’t be here… literally… like, for real.Word to theMother!WHO: Sista SheWHAT: Play Spirit of Soul Festival at the FactoryWHEN: Saturday 19 JanMORE: