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Skye N Sugarstarr - A Starry Skye

Author: Rezo
Sunday, 9 December 2007
Skye N Sugarstarr is the brainchild of Serhat Sakin and MatthiasWeber. The two met towards the end of the last century and started meddlingwith various projects. Words by 3D’s Rezo. “We met in astudio where Serhat was playing instruments for a guy and I was thekeyboarder,” Weber begins. “He decided to get me to be a DJ and during someconversations, Serhat and I decided that we wanted to work together and moveaway from the guys who we were involved with because we didn’t want to produce anymoreRNB music.” That said itdidn’t stop the duo working on the seminal classic Push It with Salt N Pepa. By 2001 they had crossed over andcompleted Release Your Mind – its ownsuccess story. It received a huge response and was published on no less thanfive separate labels. That was approximately six years ago and since around2004 the boys have been touring together under their existing moniker. Houselovers everywhere swear by them. Indeed, theirmusical tastes were born in a previous life though – it was as kids during the1980s that both were influenced by a lot of disco and funk that was around atthe time and Weber claims that much of the influence is still evident in theirmusic today. “Things likeLenny Kravitz and Depeche Mode; it was music that was twisted with a little bitof electro that we really liked,” he says. “Now when we play as DJs, we playthat funky head-shaking electro that’s very popular at the moment. Along withminimal techno, that sound is everywhere in the world. Personally, I like a bitof a melody in my music and with a funky bass line and a nice heavy beat we canmake the crowd move. We are all about what people are feeling in the club; I’minto the classic stuff as well but it has to be music that makes you move!” Currently theboys are working on a new single and hope to have that finished in the verynear future with a release date slated for February 2008. They also hope tocomplete a follow up to Like This LikeThat and, in turn, have begun to turn away all requests for remixes as ameans of being able to concentrate on their own productions. In terms oftheir various aliases, the boys like to tie all of their experiences into theirDJ sets. “We haveoriental influences where we do big bass and funk uplifting stuff and try toinclude all of those elements into our performance,” Weber says. “We want togive people all the basic things that they want. We don’t do experimental musicor minimal and have no plans to do that – we stick to what we know and what wedo and don’t move from there. This will be our second time in Australia and when we were there last time, wewere really impressed with the people and the club scene down under. It is hugeand it’s a great party crowd and we’re sure it will be massive again so we’rereally looking forward to it.” WHO: Skye N Sugarstarr
WHAT: Play Cargo Bar
WHEN: Sunday 23 December