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So You Think You Can Audition

Author: Lauren Mckellar
Thursday, 25 October 2007
It’s Australia’s turn to see who thinks they can dance! 3D’s Lauren Mckellar speaks to judge Bonnie Lythgoe to find out just what will make or break the audition for the Aussie dancers in the brand new series So You Think You Can Dance.

Who didn’t watch So You Think You Could Dance- For a show that seemed in essence so similar to the concept of Idol, it went off like a fire cracker! People everywhere were talking about it, thinking about it, and trying to copy the funky moves from it!
Bonnie Lythgoe, American choreographer and judge on series one of So You Think You Can Dance, is here to check out our local talent and put the dancers through their paces.
In a series such as this, the competition is fierce and fast. So what can dancers from Sydney do to try and win the judges over- “Arrive would be good!” Bonnie laughs. “And once they get there, I really want to see what they can do in terms of dance. First of all, if they’re going to come dressed to impress then also impress us with their dancing!”
So far, so much sense! After all, you can’t judge a book by its cover.
“Also don’t stand there for 10 seconds at the beginning and wait for something to happen. You have to make it happen from the start; walk into the room confidently and say ‘Good morning’ or ‘Good afternoon’. Likewise, when it’s the end of the routine, make sure we know it’s the end! We had somebody just walk off as if to say, ‘Well I’ve been there, done my interview’ and walked off! That’s not what dancers are about! Fight, fight, fight, till the very end!”
One thing Bonnie emphasises is the need for a technical grounding in dancers. “I’m a firm believer that if you have a grounding in ballet and go on to do jazz you can krump or do hip hop. I’m just not sure how a hip hopper would go performing other styles; if you don’t have some form of technique and the ability to take direction it would be hard,” Bonnie points out.
Other tips Bonnie has for aspiring competitors: showcase your personality, avoid repetition and, most importantly, have fun.
One final tip: leave the wacky outfits at home… “Without giving the game away, having to audition a tomato and a lemon is something else…”

Auditions are open to people aged between 18 and 35 and will commence at 9.00am each day. Arrive early in your hottest dance gear and start stretching. You will need to be prepared to ‘krump’, ‘swing’ and ‘samba’ your way through vigorous dance routines.  Don’t forget to bring a copy of the dance track you wish to perform to for the judges.

WHAT: Sydney So You Think You Can Dance auditions at Sydney Entertainment Centre
WHEN: Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 November