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Sound It Out - Goo-d Tu-ne-s

Author: 3D
Sunday, 9 December 2007
You know when a word is really difficult to say,and people always tell you to ‘sound it out’- Well, maybe you’re just dyslexic.You could also call the Sounditout crew’s sound as dyslexic disco (or shouldthat be dicso-) And they’re playing the Kill The Radio NYE bash. 3D droppedthem a line. How long have you guys been doing the sounditoutthing-About2-and-a-half years, taking into account Jason’s brain surgery… You say you’ve been writing songs non-stop. Are youplanning to release an EP/LP soon- Yes that is allcoming to a head now, we have had a few offers from labels and are now shoppingaround the mixing of the tracks. There is some interest from one of the membersof a big Australian electronic act to do the mix. What about some remixes- Haven’t reallyconcentrated on that side of the whole electronic thing. We are too busy withwriting and this new interest in our live show.  And tell us about the remixes of your songs thatother acts have been doing…Ah that’s agood one… A young chap by the name of Harley (who is only about 16!) contactedus on MySpace about remixing The Russianand we kind of ignored it for a bit but he kept on at us so we gave in and gavehim a go. The final product was great and lots of DJ’s caught on so we got himto do Distraction. He’s got a lot oftalent! Ajax is still doing his version of Distraction and The Bad Teeth’s GregSandwitch is doing Circumstance.There a lot of others that are in the process of negotiation. What musical and non-musical influences do youbring into the music you create-All our musicalinfluences for sure – it’s hard to say which exactly but check out what Australia is producing at the moment and it’shard not to be inspired!Films are a bigthing too, with Jason going to film school. Jeremy brings a lot too with lifeexperience. You’re playingthe Kill The Radio NYE bash along with Riot In Belgium and the Trashbag PosseDJs. What’s been your biggest NYE to date-Ah it’s hard totop 2000 isn’t it- So much hype and all that… WHO: sounditout
WHAT: Play Kill The Radio at Roxy Hotel
WHEN: Monday 31 December