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Spicks and Specks interactive quiz

Author: Lauren McKellar
Monday, 6 August 2007
The Simpsons did it, Neighbours did it,  Who wants to be a Millionaireeven did it! Now the ABC's popular music trivia show Spicks and Speckshas joined players in the television-turned-game genre with a DVDformat that lets you play at home. 3D's Lauren McKellar found out morefrom show regular and DVD star Myf Warhurst.

Everyone loves a good game show, and if you have even a bit of music pride you’ll find it very easy to get competitive in the Spicks and Specks Interactive Quiz. After splitting the room in half and deciding who belongs to Team Al and Team Myf, you are ready to play in a music trivia frenzy covering many genres, age brackets and formats, from Q&A to unjumbling words and even charades! There are over thirty games you can choose from, featuring a variety of rounds guaranteed to increase your musical knowledge – unless you play it with a bottle of wine, which may decrease your intelligence, but definitely enhances the entertainment factor!

So what is team captain Myf Warhurst’s favourite Spicks and Specks segment-

“It’s hard to say which ones I like – I know which ones I don’t like!” she laughs. “But I love the bicycle game, that’s great.”

It’s hard to imagine her disliking any of the options when you see her bubbly personality on screen. “I’m hopeless at lists, and that makes me bad on Spicks and Specks because I can never decide what I want!”

Warhurst grew up in a house of music with three older brothers who were all very passionate on the subject. After years of classical piano training and a stint studying music at university, it’s no wonder she’s on Spicks and Specks!

“Not only that, but working in radio, you hear so much music all the time and you just take it in! It’s fantastic,” she says, speaking of course about her well-known role at Triple J.

We know she’s certainly got a bit of knowledge up her sleeves, but who would be on Myf’s dream Spicks and Specks team-

“Andre 3000 from Outkast,” she says, without a moment’s hesitation. “I love him, he would be magnificent. And you’d have to have Prince – he used to get around in his undies – no one does that anymore! He was the original wrong man! And someone like Courtney Love, she’d be terribly entertaining and just scare the pants off everybody!”

Fun times, but this could prove unfortunate for Prince!

With a series of guests appearing in both a regular and one off capacity on the show, Warhurst and the boys have no doubt encountered a lot of contestants with an almost surprising degree of intelligence in this entertainment genre.

“Murray from the Wiggles is amazing!” she beams. “He’s got an incredible knowledge of Australian music. But the person who always surprises me is Allan Brough [her opposite captain].”

The game is interesting and quite addictive, rather like the television series! There are some surprising music facts which range in date from 1900 through to now. But what about the future- Who in 2007 has reached new musical heights-

“Well it certainly hasn’t been the Arctic Monkeys,” Warhurst says. “I’d say it was the year of Lily Allen. I know she was more 2006 and but she’s done some great things this year. It’s been her year.”

WHAT: Spicks and Specks Interactive Quiz DVD through Hopscotch
WHEN: Out Wednesday 15 August