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Spit Syndicate - Back To Basics

Author: Huwston
Friday, 24 August 2007
The Sydney duo comprised of Nick Lupi and Just Enuff have just stepped off the same stage as Lupe Fiasco and only recently shared bills with Xzibit, Atmosphere and Brother Ali. By the time you read this, they’ll be puttin’ their back in to it with Ice Cube.

The local support for this duo is like nothing the hip hop scene has encountered before and indeed, I was keen to see if the boys were being groomed by any artists or management.

“With guys like Def Wish Cast,” Lupi begins, “they have been offering us advice for years, telling us to keep focused and shit, but I don’t know how much they could groom us, because the only experience you get from doing this stuff is from doing it yourself. People can give you as much advice and preparation but at the end of the day, your experience is not going to be exactly like theirs.”

He goes on to talk about the group’s relationships with producers like M-Phazes and Sereck of Def Wish (not to mention the glowing endorsement from Hilltops’ Suffa), noting that it’s all building blocks and that they do not have label or management backing.

“I think there are some people in the local scene who are coming up under different artists or as part of crews,” Lupi says. “We’ve had many leg ups but haven’t been groomed in that sense.”

Just Enuff says it’s about surrounding yourself with good, positive people.

“You’ve gotta stay hungry and take all opportunities head on,” he says, which is a healthy attitude for a man barely out of his teens. “A lot of it has been due to the fact that we put out good music.”

Currently promoting the Back to Kcab two night show at the Gaelic Club, the duo are keen to talk about the album and when pressed on their upcoming Ice Cube support, there’s a good opportunity to find out more about the band and their influences.

“It’s an honour to share the stage with these people but you have to not let it get to you when you go on stage, you have to treat it as any other show, no matter how much of fan you are of the headline act,” Lupi says. “You have to go on stage like you’re the headliner and that people are there to see you.”

Hopefully people that are there that have never heard of Spit Syndicate [will] walk away liking it,” Enuff adds. “That’s better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick!”

With Oz Hip Hop doing the units and packing out the big venues, it’s interesting to see how the next generation see the game.

“I don’t think there’s enough good music,” Enuff says. “There’s the people trying to emulate stuff coming out of America and there’s people trying to emulate stuff that comes out of, you know, back yard barbecues, and it’s rubbish. They’re too worried to push something that’s their own and that’s genuine… so nothing comes out with any backbone or soul to it. When we come out it will be something fresh and people will see we have put a lot of hard work in to it.’

“I think some of the guys with the big shirts and the flat caps should take themselves a bit more seriously,” Lupi adds, “and the staunch sorta, I dunno footy rappers, well… they don’t look like they’re having much fun.”

WHO: Spit Syndicate
WHAT: Plays Back to Kacb at the Gaelic Club
WHEN: Thursday 6 September/Friday 7