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Stafford Brothers - Big Brother

Author: Carlisle Rogers
Thursday, 27 September 2007
From the Gold Coast to the White Isle, Queensland’s Stafford Brothers are putting the Australian electro scene on the international map. 3D’s Carlisle Rogers talked the state of our nation’s scene with one half of the DJ duo, Chris Stafford.

Not only are the Brothers the official voice of Ministry’s take on electro with the label’s first Electro House Sessions compilation, alongside Tommy Trash, they’re also taking their Australian electro sounds around the world, and they’ve just been voted third in the inthemix50 DJ poll 2007.

Already a household name, it’s hard to believe this is the first time the pair have worked with the Ministry label.

“It’s definitely directed towards our sound, electro house,” Chris admits. “We’re very happy that they’ve made a whole genre release for us and Tommy Trash.  It’s great to be involved with them too. We met Tommy a couple of times out DJing before. We met Tim McGee and a few of the guys involved with it. It happened through Joey who runs the Ministry parties on the Gold Coast and he put in a good word for us and he’s been with them for ten years or so. Many different factors got us hooked up, and we’re happy to be involved.”

In Ibiza playing at Eden and hooking up with all kinds of cool people, the boys are fulfilling a dream they’ve had since they got into DJing in the first place.

“We played here on Monday at Eden for a club night called Dusted,” he says. “My brother and myself, when we first got into DJing, this is all we ever wanted to do, to play in Ibiza. We did it on Monday and we’re very happy. Australia is very up for it – you can play what you want. Even people in London are now saying that we’re ahead of them with our music and what you can play in a club. It’s nice to hear all that stuff from these internationals. Then when you come to Ibiza, there’s a different sound as well, but you can still pretty much play what you want, which is what you’re really after as a DJ.

“We came over here and we’re here for five weeks,” he continues. “Since we’ve been here, in the first week we got to go into the studio with a couple of different people, which has been amazing. One of the guys used to be the keyboardist and producer for the Happy Mondays, and we hung out with the producer for Babyshambles, with Pete Doherty and all that. It was cool to meet him and go into the studio. We made a track with him, and also Jason Herd from Herd and Fitz. We went into the studio with him too. We’ve already made two tunes since being over here. It’s what we wanted to do.”

Back in Australia this month to play the Ministry tour until the end of October, Chris says they have lots of fresh tunes in their bag from their travels overseas, as well as a whole swag of Australian electro.

“It’s always good to go back home,” he says. “We’re based on Surfers Paradise. Living out of suitcase over here is great because you get to see all these different places. I love touring, and we’ve been everywhere in Australia already, from Tasmania to Darwin to Perth. We’ve been everywhere you can other than the centre, but I don’t know if there’s a club there. We are always getting a lot of fresh stuff through different promos like Vicious and tunes that aren’t release that your friends send you so you can play them before everyone else. One of the big tunes over here is the Ida Corr vs. Fedde La Grande mix.  Jason Herd just sent us his mix of that saying, ‘Don’t give it out because no one else in the world has it’. Things like that, you always drop them more. Every Ministry CD I get goes in my wallet too. They do have a lot of the big tunes.  Vicious are doing great things with the Potbelleez and all that sort of stuff.  And Dirty South is doing great. Australian music is doing really well. It’s fantastic to be involved with that.

“Dirty South is pretty massive over here, which is great for Australian music.  He’s going around and playing everywhere. His sound is definitely well known in Ibiza. The music here is a bit different. You have your big DJs that play minimal, then there’s tribal stuff.  There’s a range of different music. You can go to a range of club nights and hear your choice, but electro is definitely alive and well, and we’re at the forefront of that now, of electro minimal. The best thing was when we were in New Zealand and the guy said we were playing Australian electro. They are calling what we do Australian electro these days.”

With a few new tracks in the bag, on top of the work they’ve completed in Ibiza, Chris says all they are waiting for now is a few remixes to come back.

“We are trying to source some big names to get on the remix bandwagon,” he says, “We’ve got The Little Rascals who did a remix of More Than a Feeling a few years ago. They just sent it over to us and it sounds amazing.”

WHO: Stafford Brothers
WHAT: Electro House Sessions out through EMI
WHEN: Out now