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Stephen Bodzin - From The Orchestra To The Dancefloor

Author: 3D
Thursday, 4 October 2007
Bremen-based electro/techno producer Stephan Bodzin is hitting up Chinese Laundry this week so you’d better be prepared. 3D threw him a few questions.

Your father was an “experimental musician” – what kind of music did he create-

He created some electronic music with the ARP/Moog/Korg synths we had at home. At that time, there were very few people making electronic music. I could play with all the knobs and the filters like crazy since I was five. It definitely was a big influence for me.

At what age did you start composing music for the theatre-
I was 18 [when] I started composing theatre music. At this time, I learned how to arrange an orchestra. Later I also did some really crazy productions for the experimental dance theatre scene in Austria. It was a very intense time.

And when did you discover and switch your musical focus to techno and club sounds-
As a young producer I needed a change from this experimental stuff. I recorded my first techno track in 1994 (still on a tape)! My brother was a DJ and played it. Oliver Huntemann heard it and asked me right away to work with him. It was the beginning of a long collaboration. But my real birth as a techno producer and artist was four years ago, as the Arturia soft-synths came out. I rediscovered the sounds of my childhood and went totally crazy for this sound.

Here in Australia we tend to view Berlin as being the epicentre of European electronica – as a DJ who regularly tours the Continent, where would you say the most innovation is happening in 2007-
Germany is definitely one of the places where techno was born and still has a very innovative scene. It is not only about Berlin. Most of the successful German artists do not even live there. There are some people I really respect like Josh Wink and Radioslave who come from the US and England. I guess innovative artists make the scene evolve, not a particular place. But if you’re looking for a freaky party, go to Berlin – it’s worth it!

Tell us about your live sets and how they work – what equipment do you use-
My live set up consists of a few controllers like a monome, a lemur and a doepfer ribbon that I use to control Ableton Live. I don’t touch the computer in my live show and I have a camera filming so that the people really see what I’m doing live. I am improving it all the time – adding new stuff, sounds and arrangements. It is a process. For 2008, I’ve got even bigger plans with more innovative equipment. Be prepared!

Finally, what do you have up your sleeve for your set at Chinese Laundry-
I’ve got some sure-shot weapons as well as unreleased stuff and special bootlegs of my own. I am on a world tour since the beginning of September but I receive and buy new tracks every second day. I am really looking forward to play at the Chinese Laundry. I [have] only heard good things about the club and that the crowd is amazing!

WHO: Stephan Bodzin
WHAT: Plays Club Club at Chinese Laundry
WHEN: Saturday 13 October