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Steve Angello - Swedish Invasion

Author: Rezo
Sunday, 9 December 2007
It didn’t take long for baby-faced assassin Steve Angello to become a superstar in the house music world. Barely into his 20s,he’s already achieved an unmitigated level of success. Interview by 3D’s Rezo. “I have to behonest,” he begins, “I mean my background has been rough! I was a really badkid when I was small and I did all the stupid things and then even more thanthat. I had to choose a path because I got to that point in my life, so I foundthe music in 1997 and 98. I decided to pick that as the direction where Iwanted to channel my energies. My goal was to become where I am now I guess andI made it and I’m really happy it went well.” And his love ofhouse music hasn’t waned in all of that time. “House for mewas something different,” he says. “I was into hip hop and break beats andscratching and eventually it became boring and I wanted something morechallenging. One day I heard a record by these guys called Daft Punk and itleft me speechless. I was sitting there thinking this can’t be for real and Ihave found it! It became the love of my love and since then I have just adoredthat uplifting style of music. It makes people happy and shows them a goodtime. It’s all about those endorphins and if you can make people smile, thenthat’s what it’s all about.” Nowadays, he isknown for all manner of his personal successes. He is the owner of thesuccessful Size Records. He is also a part of an even bigger sensation thoughand that is his part in Swedish House Mafia. “Sebastian [Ingrosso]and I have known each other since we were about six!” he admits. “We’re likebrothers and we hooked up with Eric Prydz and Axwell and we worked our arsesoff at collaborating and working together. We pushed each other really hard andwe’re like family now so that’s why we called it a mafia family! And it stuck!” Production-wise,there have been some really good releases during the Swedish summer, so much sothat he isn’t foreign to walking into a club and hearing a remix of his playedhalf a dozen times in the one night. “I’ve done thecompilation too and I just want to keep continuing to bring out good qualitymusic,” he says. “I’m working on the second compilation and that will be onSize Records as well. I’ll be mixing that twice a year now, I hope, and thenext one should have something in the way of a DVD with videos and footage fromthe clubs – I do it for the fans, you know – it is a great market for dancemusic right now and things are going really well. We are just working hard tobring out the best stuff we can.” WHO: Steve Angello
WHAT: Plays Pacha NYE at Home
WHEN: Monday 31 December