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Steve Play - See Steve Play. Play Steve, Play.

Author: 3D World
Friday, 31 August 2007
Steve Play loves playing DCM Saturdays - it’s as simple as that. 3D found out why…

What attracted you to DJing-
Music has always been the main focus in my life. I am obsessed by music, that’s all the inspiration I need to continue to make and or play it either to myself or in a club. Having two older sisters as a child who were close friends with DJs was where the passion started. Amongst it all I always enjoyed playing people music and seeing the joy on their faces at receiving the unexpected and moving to sounds they may had disregarded previously.

How much of a role have other local DJs played in your career – particularly Cadell- 
Cadell has played an inspiring role in my career as a DJ who consistently rocks the dance floor and keeps the crowd moving. His advice and assistance over the years have been invaluable. I have constantly looked up to him from the days when he played dance music right up to now with his unique style of House / Elektro.

What are a few tunes you particularly love spinning at the moment-
Terri B – Hands To The Sky
Yelle – A Cause de Garcon

Which song have you played that’s garnered the biggest crowd reaction-
I think the song of the moment is…
Ida Corr – Let Me Think About It

DCM is approaching its 17th birthday. How do you think the club has changed over the years- And the crowd-
DCM is a dance icon. The essence of the DCM ingredients to this day hasn’t really changed. In the past four years I have been at the club I have seen the club concentrate on being up-to-date with technology and special effects such as their Ibiza ‘ice machine’ and rich variety in up-to-date lighting and production. It’s all about experiencing a great vibe and atmosphere. There is a rich vein of subculture of loyal and dedicated fans that support the venue week after week. I have travelled internationally and to this day I can say there is an addictive atmosphere there that is unmatched.

The crowd is certainly a lot younger now. There is a diverse mix of obsessed house fans who visit the venue to experience the international house guests and you have the loyalty of the crowds who are here for Hi-NRG. Over the years radio stations like Wild FM have played a significant role on this. Now the youngsters are over 18 and they can finally experience the music in a club environment.

You’ve got an under-18s guest slot coming up at Tease. Do you adjust your set for something like this-
I want to give the young party punters a taste of the style of music that I play in established clubs around Sydney. I generally play a set suitable to the crowd and will throw in a blend of tracks the young party punters might not have heard but its all about giving the younger crowds an opportunity to experience something new and go with the flow from there.

Are you working on any mixes you’re going to release-

I have only recently started exploring the production end of music. It’s all a learning curve. Once I master all the programs I have been hit with I’m sure Sydney will get a taste of what I’m about. There are several mixed promotional compilation CDs that seem to be filtering around Sydney in, clothing stores, Westfields and clubbers very own car stereos.

WHO: Steve Play
WHAT: Plays DCM's 17th B’day
WHEN: Saturday 8 September