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Teenagers In Tokyo - Konichiwa, B*tchez

Author: Rezo
Friday, 24 August 2007
Teenagersintokyo may not hail from Japan, and they may no longer be teenagers, but their band history does hark back to the heady days of early adolescence.

“Wow, we have such a long history,” says keys-player Miska. “We actually met about ten years ago when we were all in high school. The four of us girls met on the first day of year 7. We hung out a lot and developed our interests together. Rudy our drummer came in at the end of last year after the band had been around for a couple of years. He understood our humour, our direction and it clicked.”

Don’t be fooled by their MySpace page – their sound is neither country nor jungle. It is, however, electronic pop laced with rock and experimental elements, without question, a sound that has seen them support bands such as CSS, The Slits, Midnight Juggernauts, The Brunettes and Expatriate.

Miska, Sam, Linda, Sophie and Rudy approach their writing, playing and production as a group effort. “We might play and rehearse three, four times a week. And when we get sick of rehearsing one thing, we get onto something new. Everyone has input and everyone plays a part. To be honest, I can’t imagine doing it any other way. I know some groups have a predominant songwriter but that concept is foreign to us. We like to work together and we work with an open mind – open to different opinions.”

The influences of the girls (and boy) are a moot point. Their inspiration, like many contemporary post-punk revolutionaries, stems from a little bit of everything they’ve been exposed to. “We read and watch a lot – the good and the bad. There are bands out there that are shite and we’ve learnt from that because we know that’s not what we want to do. We are children of love and it would devalue our cause if we only focused on one single thing.”

From doing covers as twelve year olds because they didn’t want to do any work in art class, to being creative, focused song writers with an EP and a tour on the go, they are looking forward with enthusiasm. “Sure, our EP took quite a while to produce, but as the time has dragged on we’ve decided that we’re really happy with it and our producer has really helped us get what we wanted out of it.”

Jono Ma of Lost Valentinos fame was the producer called in to steer Teenagersintokyo’s sound in the direction they wanted. The band also managed to record a few extra songs, which goes to show that even on a shoestring budget, anything can be achieved.

“A full album would be amazing and is a high priority for us. So is some more touring and visiting places that we haven’t been. We’ll be touring with Cut Off Your Hands soon, who are on a European tour right now playing their EP – so it’s like this EP bonanza! We just hope to get together and have a dance and a drink and play a bit of music. It should be fun!”

WHO: Teenagersintokyo
WHAT: Self-titled EP out now/ Touring with Cut Off Your Hands
WHEN: 1 Sept at Spectrum/ 2 Sept at Annandale/ 2 Sept at Beach Road