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The Bamboos - Bamboo Soul

Author: 3D
Sunday, 9 December 2007
One of the more intimate festivals, the Spirit of SoulFestival – which celebrates all things soul – is coming around in January. 3Dasked one of the acts, TheBamboos, about the things in theirdiaries for the upcoming months. You’re stepping out for the Spirit of SoulFestival; what do you like most about playing these sorts of festival events,as opposed to solo gigs-Festivals aregreat because you often get to play to a new or different crowd. When you playa club, people are mostly there to see your band specifically, but at afestival you’ll get all kinds of people of all ages and musical tastes. It’salso great for us to check out an act or artist we might have never had thechance to see and be blown away.  It’s got quite an extensive line-up, who else onthe list do you recommend as ‘can’t miss’-There’s a lotof great stuff on the bill but in terms of ‘can’t miss’ you have to check outMr Percival (vocal sampling master with a voice and vibe no one can match),Jackie Orzaczky for his unbridled bass excursions and Vassy for her brand ofuplifting neo soul that always hits the spot. Tell us a bit about your upcoming DVD release…The Bambooslive release will come as a DVD bundled with a live CD also. It was filmed atthe Bamboos spiritual home, the Night Cat in Fitzroy, Melbourne, and features Kylie Auldist on vocals.The Bamboos have been gigging extensively for a few years now so it’s nice todocument this side of the band. It will be out through Tru Thoughts records inApril 2008. Are you working on anything in the studio at themoment-I have justfinished producing Kylie Auldist’s solo album for Tru Thoughts, which will beout early next year. At the moment I am working on the third Bamboos album andsome remixes under my other alias of Lanu. Looking forward to catching up with SharonJones and the Dap Kings next March-Mostdefinitely! We will be playing at Golden Plains with the Dap Kings in Marchwhich will be great fun. Their latest album hasn’t left my turntable yet and itwill be nice to catch up again. So what’s on the Bamboos grand plans list for 2008-Well we havethe live DVD/CD out in April and then the third album out in October. We willalso be touring UK/Europe again in November so it should be a busy 2008 for theBamboos! WHO: The Bamboos
WHAT: Play the Spirit of Soul Festival at the Factory Theatre
WHEN: Sunday 20 January