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The Basics - Man-Spooning With The Basics

Author: 3D
Friday, 23 November 2007
The Basics – you know them, you love them, and if you don’t then you should. Kris Schroeder, bassist for the throw-back good-time rockers, waded into 3D’s questions “determined to create at least some controversy.”

How did you guys hook up with Kid Confucius to support their Metro show-
Truth be known, their manager contacted us and said they were keen to have us on the bill. Initially we refused, citing their spelling of “Confuscious” as appalling. But then they offered us the precious, and we couldn’t resissts could we precioussss-

Has it been difficult balancing touring and recording commitments for both Wally’s Gotye project and The Basics-

Nowhere near as difficult as people would like to think! Gotye is primarily a recording project, though the success of his record ensured that he’d be raking in the big bucks with a tour. Not even “the nicest man in music since John Farnham” can turn that down. The Basics are a very efficient and well-oiled machine, and even though Gotye is an obvious one, there are always other commitments in life to work around – you get used to it. As for taking a bit of time off before heading off on a three-month World Tour, I don’t think that was too much for Wally to ask under the circumstances.

Did you have a solid bender to celebrate with Wally after the ARIAs- Any juicy backstage gossip-
Hmm… I do know that he met Missy Higgins and Tim Rogers and Ben Lee but he didn’t say a lot. And I’m not really at liberty to divulge what he did say because I don’t think he’d appreciate it… I do know that there’s that usual “we can’t have fun without some kind of stimulant” attitude in the Music Industry though and that the ARIAs are not exempt from it. And don’t even try to tie that suggestion to the afore-mentioned names!

How do you keep those nice suits fresh and pressed when you’re touring all the time-

Eeek! Don’t ask…and when I say “don’t ask” I mean “don’t come close enough to smell them”…you’ll regret it. We could do with new suits actually!

I’ve only been there a few times, as a Sydney-sider, but I’m pretty damn sure that’s the Espy on your album cover; what’s the story behind that shot-
‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. And then there was light – in the form of an idea to take a “Where’s Wally”/“Band On The Run”-style shot and the idea of doing it at the Espy just fell in with that. I never even considered any other options, it just seemed logical. And it was in fact Christmas Eve that we took the photos – there are a lot of hangovers on that cover.

Have there been any more unfortunate night-time arse-grabbing incidents since 7 October- (See their MySpace blog for more on this…)
Actually, there is a funny story from well before that – in fact the second night we were in Japan so it was about August 18. It goes like this: One morning I awoke and in a half-sleep was surprised to find a certain warm, moist sensation on the back of my neck. It was the sort of warm, moist sensation you get when someone is spooning you and gently kissing the back of your neck, and I have to say it was quite nice. So here I am laying half-awake on one of our sleeping mats in Japan, and I look up to see Wally awake and laughing. At that point I realise that I AM being spooned and I AM being gently kissed on the neck – by one Mr Tim Heath! In his sleep he must have thought I was his girlfriend, though we hardly share the same proportions. Needless to say I didn’t remain lying down long, I’ll tell you that much. Tim slept on the couch for the rest of that leg of the tour.

So what’s planned for The Basics in 2008-
A release and another tour of Japan are on the cards, and hopefully something similar in the UK. We’re going to be doing a couple of festivals (I’m sure people will find out in good time what they are). We’re also planning to record our third album beginning December/January. This one will reflect the maturity and experience we’ve gained since Stand Out/Fit In, which, despite being released this year, is over two years old for us. The new record will hopefully capture the sort of live energy and excitement that people seem to recognise in our live set. Then all will know who is King. But the most exciting plan is to do a whole underage tour – can’t say too much but it’s very cool.

WHO: The Basics
WHAT: Play the Metro with Kid Confucius / Stand Out/Fit In out independently
WHEN: Friday 30 November / out now