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The Exploders - Nearly Ready

Author: Rezo Kezerashvili
Monday, 6 August 2007

Rockin' two-piece The Exploders avoid the sophomore slump with an assured second album. 3D's Rezo investigates.
Paul Doery and his self-admitted partner in crime TJ (he remains nameless) have broken out of their shell. Their first album, which was essentially just a collection of demos, is about to be superseded by their latest offering Easy and the Sun. It is their second effort and one they are both extremely proud of.

Paul explains: “This time around we approached things very differently – especially in terms of production. We’ve developed our own sound and production techniques as both players and songwriters. Hopefully people will still like it; it’s still us but much more evolved.”

The boys met in high school where they became friends. Doing usual stuff like hanging out with one another and drinking booze; chasing girls and the like! Paul goes on: “We both finished school and then went to university. TJ finished first and moved back home and decided on starting a band. He then told me that I was going to be a part of it! Then we turned the cottage on his farm into a makeshift studio! He nailed 1500 egg cartons on the wall to sound proof the place! We also bought some equipment with a few hundred bucks and got into doing it. One thing led to another and our manager got us a few country gigs around the place in Geelong and Ballarat. Then like six-months later we were playing in Melbourne and six-months after that we got signed to Rubber. That’s how quickly it all transpired.”

Paul describes their sound as a self-prescribed mish-mash of rock and various other things. Their diet of Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles has been coupled with various sub-genres proving that they’re not afraid to try different things. “We don’t like to be streamlined. I think that as soon as you tell people you’re something you’re not, you’re something else. We want to keep people on their toes and our fans will hear the evolution in song writing styles and instruments compared to our first album. There’s a bit of psychedelic rock and snappy pop songs in there. The focus though, remains on the songs being written. And that reflects the way we approach the song writing process. It usually begins with TJ starting with basic chord progressions which we run with. I’m like the sounding board – he’ll show me a whole bunch of his stuff and I’ll say, ‘I think that’s great!’ He spends the time writing the lyrics and I’m like the quality control! Some of our lyrics are personal experience; some is fantasy and some is not! Things happen and things don’t happen, that’s how we approach it.”

Their forthcoming tour is of course an opportunity to present their new material and they are bloody excited about it. “It will be TJ and me – we’re the skeleton of the band and we’ve also got a couple of guys touring with us playing so it’s going to be a different show this time around. We’ve played as three and four piece bands before, but this time there are different personalities up there. Expect it to be pretty high energy and raw. There won’t be much down time so make sure you drink plenty of water!”

WHO: The Exploders
WHAT: Easy and the Sun out through Rubber / Play the Hopetoun
WHEN: Out now / Friday 10 August