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The Future Is Now

Author: Huwston
Friday, 10 August 2007
Welcome to part two in 3D world’s series on local movers and shakers. Whereas last time we were entertained by the antics of Kato, Mattttt and Tomass, we now draw our attention to two females who are making just as serious in-roads as their male up-and-coming counterparts.

Stellar MC is making waves as one of only a few local club (read: electro) MCs (female or otherwise), calling Blu MC and Nancy Vice her sistren. meanwhile Anna Lunoe is repping the one-twos, and after a string of great club appearances, she can soon be seen supporting M.I.A. and Lupe Fiasco.

Who are you and what do you do-
Stellar MC: I’m Stellar MC, not MC Stella! I do actually have a real name, though. Stellar is my stage name and it’s just a way of separating my club persona so that with people on the street who come up, I can gauge if they know me personally or just from being in the club. I’m not a hype MC, I write my own lyrics and perform over electro with random DJs across town. I have done one track which is doing really well on MySpace. It was produced by Romy Black and is going through the roof online! I have people coming up and singing it to me in the clubs.

Anna Lunoe: I couldn’t think of anything better than using my name – everything I came up with was a bit ridiculous. I DJ, I play music at parties, hopefully music that makes people happy. Originally I was a radio DJ on FBi and I got a lot of offers to play peoples’ parties and after frustration and encouragement from my peers I gave it a go.

Who would you say your role models are-
Stellar MC: Lady Sovereign, Peaches, Fergie, Pink… I know the last two are pop idols but their lyrics are amazing and they are amazing performers. People who stick to their own and have their own belief in what they are and who don’t conform to what everybody else does. It’s about not being that stereotypical little glamour.

Anna: I love Spinderella from Salt N Pepa. I also love Missy Elliot, MIA, Kelis. Any chick who’s willing to make her own beats… and say ‘I can do this too!’

How do you rep what you do-
Anna: I like to think about what it is to be a chick on the dancefloor. It’s one thing to be able to scratch the shit out of a track and do heaps of tricks and do heaps of loops, [but] every track has their own build so I don’t like to fuck with the tracks too much. I like to keep it clean, keep the mixes tight as possible, but I don’t hype the crowd or anything ’cause you can get a bit of pressure doing that as a chick.

Stellar: At first it was hard for me to get on the mic, so singing is something I’m building to. So I can sing and rap and I’ll be getting back on the decks again soon. I’ve thought about the Princess Superstar thing but it may end up being just one or the other.

Is it a good time for women in the industry-
Anna: I think it’s a good time to be a woman full stop. It’s not as competitive ’cause there’s not so many women in the industry.

Stellar MC: I’m noticing more and more girls getting in to it, I want more girls in the industry, more people that you can relate to and have that thing in common with.

What are the difficulties you face personally in getting up in the scene-
Anna: People looking at your looks and judging them and discounting you for them or choosing you for them. It should have nothing to do with it but it always does.

Stellar MC: I totally agree.

What do you say to women who want to get up-
Anna: Do it! There’s nothing holding you back. Sometimes my perceptions of the industry are just my own, like limitations I am putting on myself.

Stellar MC: Girls can see other girls doing something up on stage but they don’t think about doing it themselves. A lot of girls are a bit more about the way they look and might not be willing to take a risk.

Anything you wanna push a the moment-
Anna: I would like to get people to check out my MySpace and express interest in my Borneo Fundraiser. I am going to do some shows in the coming months to raise money for the Borneo Rainforest.

Stellar MC: We’re both doing the Absolut 15 gig too! I think any girl can get up and do it. For me it started as a joke, drinking with friends in Kings Cross and getting on a mic and saying a rap I had made up and it turned out I was alright at it. I’ve been able to make a career out of it, too.

Anna: But this is across any industry, people need to ‘follow their dreams’ (she chuckles) and do whatever makes them happy.

WHO: Stellar MC, Anna Lunoe