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The Nomad - Southern Traveller

Author: 3D
Friday, 14 December 2007
NZ dubster The Nomad has just released a best-of record for Australia, perfectly timed for his new year’s trip across the Tasman. 3D has a chat.

You’re from Dunedin. All I know about the Otago music scene is the Fly Nun label. What was the electronica scene like down there back in 1993- As a university town, there must have been good crowds…
The electronica scene in Dunedin around that time was very underground. I worked in a bar called the Taipai in 1989, and during that time people were very closed-minded about new styles of music. The scene was very small and the music was fresh and because Dunedin had a bigger rock scene back then I didn’t have many student punters at all. It was around the time of the single Paid in Full by Eric B. and Rakim and S Express. There were only probably three good DJs in town, and record bags weren’t even really heard of.

Your third album, Level 3, had appearances from members of some of NZ’s biggest acts, including Salmonella Dub, Fat Freddys Drop and the Black Seeds. Is the NZ scene a tight, loyal one- Who have been some of the key players that have helped you along the way-
Yeah the music scene is relatively tight and is also quite small – the good thing about that is that you can easily hook up with people and network. The quality of music is really good here in New Zealand.

Some key players who have helped me progress would have to be Tiki from Salmonella Dub, Mad Professor, Rockers Hi Fi, MC ants-man from Rhombus, and O.G. from Central Records.

You’re working on your sixth studio album at the moment. Can you tell us a little about it- What sort of direction are you taking with this record-
I’m not 100 per cent sure at this stage, I’ve been so busy with tours and mixing music for other people. After the tour in January I plan to move out of the city to a quiet beach and work on my album for three months. It will be a process that will unfold over time…

Your ‘best-of’, Selected Works, has dropped just in time for Christmas. For what reason did you decide to release this comp- It also features a few new tracks…are they a sampler for the new LP-
I have been waiting until now to release the album in Australia because it’s a good time to compile all my work for an offshore release. The new tracks are a slight taste of what’s to come but I will be releasing a lot of new material mid next year, and looking forward to working on some new ideas and rhythms.

WHO: The Nomad
WHAT: Selected Works through Alleykat/Vitamin / Plays Peats Ridge Festival / Plays Hermann’s Bar
WHEN: Out now / Saturday 29 December / Thursday 24 January