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The Scientists Of Modern Music - They Are Scientists

Author: Daniel Crichton-Rouse
Thursday, 20 September 2007
Tasmania may be the next hot spot for indie music if The Scientists of Modern Music are any indication of the talent they have down there. 3D’s Daniel Crichton-Rouse caught up with one half of the act, cal young.

In a nutshell, describe your new EP Electronic Sunset.
A fusion of electronica and rock, with a pinch of happiness and a touch of darkness. For some unexplainable reason we both have trouble describing our own music, and it’s been like that since we started, so, maybe it’s best to ask whoever is listening-
The vocoder sounds really cool but seriously, you use it because neither of you can sing, right-
Haha! People tend to think I can sing, but I don’t believe them… I think I’m terrible! It’s not the sole reason why I use a vocoder though, I just prefer to express myself through one.
What’s the Hobart music scene like- Particularly the indie/electro scene-
I’ve been told that the Hobart music scene is similar to Brisbane’s; very community orientated. That’s the great thing about music here, everyone’s in it to hear it and enjoy it for what it is. Indie music has made its mark down here and it flourishes in many factors, but you hardly see any locals bringing out live electro jams, and that’s something that I’d like to see more of, and I think we will in the future.

Is this tour you’re about to embark on your first multi-city mainland tour- How are you feeling about it-
Yes this will be our first multi-city bash, and we’re both feeling very optimistic about it. We’ve played around the mainland plenty of times before, but not to this scale and time frame.
How long have you been writing and performing music-
Simon [McIntosh] and I have been writing together seriously for about two and a half years now, but we started out early when we were still in school. The time that we spent before we left school was pretty much just learning how to use equipment and finding our feet.
What do you do when you’re not busting out hot space beats-
Simon is usually busting out hot martial arts moves, whereas you can find me working in the studio on some of my own personal projects as well as being an unemployed bum. Generally though, we’re always busy with what we’re doing together.

WHO: The Scientists of Modern Music
WHAT: Electronic Sunsets
WHEN: Out now through Rubber Records