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Tittsworth - Bounce Around

Author: Daniel Crichton-Rouse
Friday, 26 October 2007

With a name like Tittsworth you have to expect big, bouncy tunes. Mmm…. Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy. 3D’s Daniel Crichton-Rouse picked Titts’ brain to get the dirty on his current endeavours.

Your tunes are very high energy – do you ever drop a slower number or are you more into giving the punters a full workout-
It depends on the scenario. If I’m given a particularly long set or I’m noticing the floor is getting tired I’ll work in builds, peaks, valleys, etc. However, I’ve been known to drill them all night long if they can keep up!

What do you love about Baltimore club-
In my opinion it’s the perfect genre. First off its range is wide open. If you like rock, silly TV show themes, crunk/rap, RNB, even oldies – any theme can be incorporated into a dance friendly manner. And that’s key – the format is absolutely perfect for a fast mixing DJ. Its beauty in simplicity begs to be mixed in a hyper and super aggressive way. It can be a beautiful genre, at the same time it can be brutal, or even funny – all the while the dancefloor never misses a beat!

What’s next for yourself production-wise-
I am finishing up a full-length album right now forthcoming on Plant. It’s really stretching the limits of club music. It’s all loosely club, but gone electro, RNB, rave, rap… you name it. Diamond K and I just finished a smashing Tear The Club Up 2007, fully loaded with a newly recorded live brass section. PaseRock and Kid Sister just finished a hard-hitting boom-bap disco stormer. I even have some big mainstream crossover hits in the works…!

You have a label with DJ Ayres – how’s that going- What are some of your upcoming releases-
It’s going really well! The label/distro generally runs out of our records within weeks, which is especially pleasing in a diminishing vinyl market. The Dave Nada EP recently sold out (my favourite record to date). We also have an Unruly VS T&A Record forthcoming (Tameil, Scottie B, Dave Nada, Ayres, Titts) and The Chedda EP, which will feature some of my favourite up and coming club artists (Mano, Dave Nada, Jim’ll Mighty etc.) Also expect a new winter tour CD with Klever which is one of the most progressive mix CDs I have ever done!

Ayres was here only this week – has he mentioned anything about his Sydney show- How far back do you two go-
Due to travel and work schedules we haven’t crossed paths in a bit unfortunately. Ayres and I go back to when I used to throw parties in DC and I brought him down to play for us. I remember the next day we rented a huge SUV, stuffed it full of booze and a half dozen of our friends before darting up to NYC to act the damn fool. As I recall Dave Nada drank from a bathtub that night (earning him the nickname Tubs).

So Titts, what can we expect from you when you visit us-
A lot of guilty pleasures and somebody who enjoys breaking the musical limits of a crowd; somebody who mixes faster and harder than sometimes makes logical sense; somebody who enjoys good local, but radical food (recently bull testicles and chicken hearts come to mind).

WHO: Tittsworth
WHAT: Club Club at Chinese Laundry
WHEN: Saturday 3 November