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Tocadisco - Can't Toca This

Author: Lara Hyams
Monday, 26 November 2007
It’s been a hectic time for Tocadisco (aka Roman Böer), as Lara Hyams explains.Aside from theplethora of remixes recently released, Böer’s complementing tour schedule hasbeen filled to the brim, with performances secured worldwide from Europe to South America. Upon his return from Brazil, Ronan took some time to cast light onhis production, his sound and his take on the music industry.“I would callmyself a perfectionist,” he concedes, slumping into his chair embracing thelate afternoon. “I like to have things perfectly done and will keep doingsomething until it is completely the way I like it. Sometimes that can be a badthing as it takes time to do but at the end you have something that is moreworthwhile.”Renowned forhis remixing ability, Böer jumps to the defence of his remixing trademarkquickly dispelling the notion that remixing hinders creativity.“For me,remixes are easy to do and they are definitely something that I enjoy doingwith my time,” Böer concedes. “But sometimes there is a feeling that remixesdon’t give you the opportunity to be creative with them. For me, that’s not thecase. I really like to transport people somewhere else and really take them inanother direction.“I have beendoing my own material and as far as my own stuff goes, I have really found myown sound. I would probably say it’s a bit more exotic for my brain. My music,I think, is very energetic now and the way I have been producing is a littlemore sophisticated.”Constantlyaccompanied by a boarding pass, his laptop and a world wind of ideas, Böergives credence to raw, local producers for their cavalcade of ideas and drivespurred on by a love for music.“When you goaround the world and travel to a lot of places you can really pick up on a lotof things from other people,” he says. “And I don’t just mean the biggerplayers. Sometimes the local producers can even give you something that therest of the world hasn’t picked up on yet.”WHO: Tocadisco
WHAT: Plays Famous at Home
WHEN: Saturday 1 December