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Toxic Avenger - Toxic Trashbag

Author: Daniel Crichton-Rouse
Friday, 31 August 2007
He hides behind a mask and his name is the Toxic Avenger (well, his real name’s actually Simon Delacroix). So is he horribly disfigured- We’ll never know… what we do know is that he produces cracking remixes of obscure bands and he’s coming down under. 3D’s Daniel Crichton-Rouse caught up for a chat.

What’s going on in France at the moment- It’s an electronic powerhouse!

I really don’t know! It’s maybe because France is boring, so we have to do something… And because it’s France, it sounds…French!

You started out playing in bands, what attracted you to electronic music-
Easy girls, easy money, easy work, easy travelling, easy sponsoring, and a drummer who’s not late at all the rendez-vous. Seriously, the fact that I can make music everywhere, anytime and just release it out!

What were your beginnings in electro- Have you always been heavily into remixing-

It was 10 years ago, something like that…found a cheap sampler, so it was crappy…trying to do sounds just like Laurent Garnier etc etc… The only band I remixed was my band…thousands of remixes! And one day I’ve done one for my band, and it was quiet good, so I put it onto MySpace and then I started to receive remixes requests. I do remix intuitively, I don't care if the band’s famous. That’s why I’ve remixed this north French band Sexual Earthquake in Kobe!

So what’s the deal with the mask- It’s quite Phantom of the Opera meets V For Vendetta, isn’t it-
Haha, Phantom of the Opera is a great movie. I haven’t seen V For Vendetta… Don’t hit me in the face please.

The reality is that the mask is a copy of a traditional Japanese mask, but I think I’ll change mask soon. What do you think of a Homer Simpson mask-

What is your experience with Australian DJs- Have you played/partied with many of them already-
Wow, I hate them. Australian DJs are all bad, bad, bad…

No, I haven’t played with Australian DJs already, but I think I will in Australia, hehe. Australians are producing good music, from Nick Cave to Van She, and I’ve heard some DJ set by Andee van Damage that sounds awesome!

To paraphrase a remix of yours (Sexual Earthquake in Kobe’s Love With Chloe Sevigny), is dance music your life- Is it really your wife-
Hey, I do the music video of this one in two days! Dance music is my wife and my life. Her name’s Emma, dance music is the mother of my child too! You see, I’m not only a DJ, I’m a romantic guy too. Haha.

You’re working on a debut LP. How is that coming along- Who are you working with on it-
The LP is gonna be full on, featuring Quasi on all the songs. I can’t reveal so much things, but there will be a guy named The Secret Handshake []. I’d like the LP to sound like a crossover of Weezer and new French sound, something you can skate with!

You must be pretty excited about visiting Australia, have you been here before-
No! I’m [excited] for sure! Australia is pretty far from France and also it seems to be completely different, so yeah, I’m excited! You know, I’ve only seen Australia in the Wolf Creek movie so...

Finally, what can the Trashbags fans expect of your show-
Fun, that’s the word! Fun, and distortion!

WHO: The Toxic Avenger
WHAT: Plays Trashbags at YU
WHEN: Saturday 8 September