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Trentemøller - The Great Dane

Author: Carlisle Rogers
Monday, 26 November 2007
Headed to Australiawith his full band setup for the second time this year, Anders Trentemøller is at the top of the heap now. 3D’s Carlisle Rogers got his minimal electronica on with the DanishArtist.His remixes aremore in demand than pictures of Britney Spears with her saggy tits out. And tocelebrate his recent ride at the top, he has released The Trentemøller Chronicles, a kind of ‘unreleasedtapes’-come-‘greatest hits’.Flat off theback of a 15 date tour of the US with the whole band, the DJ/producer says theydefinitely have the show down pat now, replete with synchronised video andre-edited versions of The Last Resortsans its über-melancholic minimal feel; the better to dance to.“When I’mplaying with the band I only play tracks from The Last Resort and I’ve been making them into totally new liveversions, so many of the tracks end up being more danceable and up tempo. Oneof the tracks that you can also find on the Chroniclesalbum, Snowflake, even ends up in adrum n bass style, so for me it is about getting both the melancholic stuff,and also the rave/party generation sound. I try to mix both moods because musicis not only about partying and dancing for me, but music is also about feelingsand the more dark stuff, the melancholic and spooky side of life. I’m alsotrying to incorporate that in the live set, so when I’m playing live you willnot find any of my remixes, it is only my old music and that is quite importantto me because that is where my heart is.“I’ve been playinga lot of gigs recently with the band and it’s really, really great and it’ssomething that I’m enjoying much more than playing with as a DJ. I have so manymore opportunities to jam and take the music in different directions and wealso have some really cool visuals to go with the music that have been editedand synchronized with the music so it’s not just a loop running in thebackground, but it follows the music we are playing on stage.”WHO: Trentemøller
WHAT: Plays Ministry of Sound All Night Warehouse Party at Hordern Pavilion& The Dome / The TrentemøllerChronicles through Audiomatique/Stomp
WHEN: Saturday 1 December / Out now