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Urban Overload - Horified

Author: Darryn King
Friday, 23 November 2007
Urban Overload hip hop / RnB talent comp is fast becoming the place to get your start in the industry. 3D talks to Maori boys Horified on their win.

Congrats on the win! Give us the lowdown on Horified.
We a group of friends with the same dream, like every other aspiring artist out there. Our dream was to make music that everyone could bounce too, whilst having fun doin’ it. Officially formed in 2003, this band of brothers of Maori descent – hence the name Horified – have been on the grind, waiting and taking anything that comes our way. Having performed and supported youth days and Pacific Festivals over the last couple of years, one of our many acquaintances suggested we enter the competition… We didn’t expect to win… That was a bonus.

Was this your first Urban Overload- What sort of preparation did you go through before the performance-

You see, we’ve worked with Phreaze plenty of times before, but this was actually the first competition we had ever entered! As far as preparation goes, a couple of shots of tequila and half a dozen Extra Dries really brings out the best of you… Ha ha…

What was the vibe like, and what’s going through your mind up there-
Honestly, you can’t explain the feeling… On stage, doing what you love… There’s 100 things going through your mind, the main thing was, “Don’t forget your words,” and, “Gee, I hope our CD backing track don’t skip…” Ha ha. The vibe depends on the crowd – if the crowd is bumping to it, you know you’re half way there….

What do you think about the Sydney scene at the moment-
It’s on the rise man – everyone talks about Melbourne and Brizzy, but I think Sydney has the potential to blow up… It’s just hard, being hip hop artists here because a lot of peeps out there are so negative…all this talk about ‘rap crap’ and ‘stop trying to be American’… We ain’t into making enemies – any and everyone who are on the come-up like us, they get a tick in our books.

What do you see yourself doing with your music-
To anyone with an open mind and a ear for good music… Whatever comes after that, well that’s just a bonus!

So how do we find out more about you-
You can find your horeez chillin’ on MySpace. Thanks much for the support peepz… be on the lookout… ’cause we coming… aaaarrrrraaaahhhhh!

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