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Vents - Making A Killing

Author: Darryn King
Wednesday, 5 September 2007
The name Vents is no mistake: this guy vents about everything from capitalism to David Hicks. 3D’s Darryn King prepared for the onslaught.

You've been a huge figure on the hip hop scene for a while - how long has the album been in the making for and how does it change things to finally get it out-
‘Huge figure’ - haha!
The album was in the making for a few years but the bulk of it was recorded in about six months once I had found my sound and the direction I wanted to take with it. Things haven't really changed. The instant assumption that most people make is that, because I am signed to a record label and have an album out, I am making thousands of dollars. First we actually have to sell some records.

Was it easy for you harnessing the energy from your live act and putting it into the studio-
The challenge is transferring the energy from the album to the live show. Whereas I have had plenty of practice in the studio I haven't done much touring so I am still learning.

What was it like working with Trials on the album, and what distinctive sound does he bring to the tracks-

I have known Trials since he was 17 so I feel completely comfortable with him. It is not like I am just rapping over one of his beats, they are also his songs and we are in this thing together 50/50. Hopefully this friendship will continue and as long as his heart is in it and he is making good music I will never leave.

The album's called Hard To Kill, and there are tracks with names like F*ck Em Up and Silence Means Death on it - lyrically, what do you tend to write about-
Writing songs about current events is touchy because I may have an opinion on something and depending on what I read or experience that day, it could be different by next week.
There are certain things I feel very strongly about though such as religion, capitalism, bigotry, fascism, the police, and war. My feelings on these issues will not change and this is usually what I like to write about as I feel they define my character as a human being.
Fuck ’em up a song I kind of regret doing because I feel that some people have adopted this as a gangster / criminal kind of anthem when really it is about staying loyal to your friends and not lagging them in. Snitching is not about ringing the police when you or your family are in serious danger from a psychopath or you know someone who is bashing their girlfriend. Generally I have no respect for the vast majority of criminals and psychopaths who generally just prey on working-class people. Fucking traitors.

Could you choose one track from the album and tell us a bit about it-
Okay, I will choose the song Travelling Man as it is the first one that springs to mind. It's basically about David Hicks, and gives a short biography of his life. I tried to say that he couldn't sit still in one place, and really I just think he was looking for an escape out of the nine-five life - hence the chorus ‘he just move with such stamina’. It's kind of ironic because he ends up in the one place he has lost total freedom to go anywhere at all.

Now that you've got the debut album out of the way, what's next-
Next up, we go touring, and then come home and record the second album and try and make it kick arse!

WHO: Vents
WHAT: New album Hard to Kill / album launch at Bar Broadway
WHEN: Out now / Saturday 15 September