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Vex'd - Do We All Dream Of Dubstep-

Author: 3D
Friday, 14 December 2007
It’s official – Dubstep is the sound of tomorrow, and tomorrow is fast becoming today. 3D spoke with the genre’s pioneers, Vex’d.

You seem to have a thing for Blade Runner (of which we approve of highly) – is this film a source of inspiration for you-
Blade Runner [has] never really left my head since I first watched it. Every night in any city, something reminds me of it. Take away the flying cars and the replicants and that neon dark city vision is somewhere in every city today. Even if it’s just a certain kind of fleeting scene, a plane with it’s lights blinking passing behind a skyscraper, some part of my brain will say “that’s some Blade Runner shit”, haha. It’s become this term to describe a certain aspect of city aesthetics, and that vision is around us – it’s hugely inspiring. Beautiful dark cities. It has musical and sound design meaning too, I can say to [fellow Vex’d member] Roly “more Blade Runner” and he’ll know what exactly what I mean.

How is your production different from traditional jungle and drum n bass-
It’s as different to dnb as is different to hip hop, or dub, or grime, or ambient. It’s different from all those things, and shares ideas with them all.

You released your debut Degenerate in 2005 – two years ago – but the world’s only catching on to dubstep now – why do you think it has taken this long-
It takes time for new things to infiltrate, but once it gains a critical mass everyone jumps on it as fast as they can. It’s just this thing that’s happened, dubstep got big. We were never trying to be dubstep though, so it’s like watching somebody else’s kid grow up.

Any word on a second LP-
Just about finished it. It will be out in a few months.

What about other projects- Any remixes you guys are currently working on-
I’m writing my own solo album that will be out next year too. It’s more hip hop and more melodic and spacey than the usual Vex’d sound. We’ve been asked about scoring short films a few times recently, if we have time we’ll get into that. Oh, and there’s a 12 Inch coming out in February on Planet Mu, 3rd Choice, with a heavy Loefah remix.

Have you guys been to Australia before, for business or pleasure-

I went when I was about five years old but it’s all a bit vague, all I clearly remember was going to this aquarium and seeing a huge stingray, thinking it was super cool but slightly shitting myself. I would never fuck with a stingray. RIP Steve Irwin though… :(

WHO: Vex’d
WHAT: Play Hermann’s, Sydney Uni
WHEN: Saturday 29 December