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Vicarious Bliss - Substitute Banger

Author: Daniel Crichton-Rouse
Monday, 26 November 2007
Andyet another from the ed banger posse hits Australia. This time it’s Vicarious Bliss, and hecaught up with Daniel Crichton-Rouse todiscuss underpants, Human League and Neighbours.Sinceyou have a track called Theme FromVicarious Bliss, let’s say Vicarious Bliss is a superhero, hence why youhave a theme song. So what’s your superpower-I have lots really. Being able to use myx-ray eyes in nightclubs when looking at cute girls, being able to get drunkwith no hangover after-effects and, of course, being able to wear my underpantson the outside of my trousers.
Howdid you end up on Ed Banger- Did you DJ at similar clubs-I locked myself in my bedroom and refusedto come out until a contract was slipped under the door. I also said that I’dscream and scream until I was sick. The contract arrived before the vomitthankfully.
Limousine has been massivethis year – are you working on another killer track, or solely concentrating onyour album-Lots of stuff will be coming out in 2008. Anothercouple of EPs and then the album nearer the end of the year. There are a wholeload of remixes ready to go too.
Album-How’s that coming along-I’m on a break for about a month as I’mproducing Ladytron’s new album here in Paris, and then I’m coming to see youlot. But, yeah, it’s been going great. I’m trying to think of vocalcollaborations that could be cool at the moment.
Andwhat’s all this Vicarious Bliss Pop Experience business-This was done as a joke for Sunday Best, acool UK label who’d I’d done a remix for, and is run by the lovely Rob DaBank of BBC Radio 1 fame. He asked people to do a cover of a really cheesyHuman League track (Electric Dreams),so I teamed up with Headbangirl (Mrs Busy P) and we had a laugh for a few hourstrying to do something even cheesier. Now it’s coming out in the UK and I’mrather worried that people will be taking it more seriously than it should be!
Haveyou been to Australia before- What are you looking forward to the most-No, though my family lived there for sixyears before I was born so I’ve seen lots of it on really old 8mm film! I’mreally excited to be coming finally and may make a pilgrimage to Ramsay Street.The worst thing about moving to France at11 years old was having to leave Scott and Charlene behind as I said goodbye tothe BBC and Neighbours. Though,apparently, the BBC are taking the show off the air next year due tofree-falling ratings. How times change, sniff...
Finally,what are your plans for the festive season- Will it be a cool European winterfor yourself, or are you lushing out in the Bahamas or somewhere equally asexotic-As cold as possible probably. Halfway up amountain somewhere would be ace!
WHO:Vicarious Bliss
WHAT: Plays OneLove at Tank
WHEN: Saturday 1 December