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Wayside - Fallen By The Wayside

Author: 3D
Friday, 26 October 2007
Most times you go out to listen to some fine local indie tunes, the money you spend only goes towards cheap wine for the bands and speedboat petrol for the publican. But if you go and blow some cash at music/fashion/art night wayside, all your hard-earneds will go to support the hard working inner-city charity Wayside Chapel. Worthy.

The idea behind our event is…
To make charity cool. To have a rad night. To combine art, music and fashion. To support local, emerging artists. And, to have a rad night.

We’ll be pimping the sounds of… Rockin’ indie tunes with a few pop-tastic disco tracks thrown in for good measure.

The talent we’ve got lined up to play includes…
Fait Accompli, Ripping Dylans, Tokyo Blonde, DJs Penny Lane, Coco & Shambles, Banshee.

The other tricks up our sleeve include… A fashion show! Styled by legendary local designers Marnie Skillings and Fleur Wood and YEN fashion editor Imogene Barron. Paraded by Aussie modelling sensations Talullah Morton and some of the Australia’s Next Top Model contestants, the show is designed to showcase the potential of the Wayside Chapel’s op shop, ‘Beatniks & Bohemians’. An art show! A gallery style art installation will be set up on the back wall of the Gaelic, with one off canvases donated by emerging artists. Sold for only $200 – all proceeds go to the Wayside Chapel!

Check out our night if you’re the kind of kid who likes… The local art scene, indie gigs, fashion shows, occasional disco tunes, a bit of a dance, cheap drinks, cool vibes, hot models and a fun crowd.

Top five tracks we’ll hear on the night… As spun by DJ Penny Lane:
Dracula’s Wedding - Kelis and Andre 3000
Too Young - Pheonix
Timebomb - Beck
Grip Like a Vice - The Go! Team
Psycho Killer - Talking Heads

WHAT: Wayside Fundraiser at the Gaelic
WHEN: Thursday 1 November