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Wei Shein - Housexy- Smokin-

Author: 3D
Friday, 28 September 2007
Spring is here, which means one thing; a fresh batch of sultry, sultry house music – and who does it better than Ministry of Sound- No one. 3D caught up with Wei Shen, DJ behind the latest in Mos’ Housexy series.

How did you become involved in the latest Housexy project-
The crew down at Ministry of Sound were kind enough to ask me. I didn’t hesitate to reply with a yes.

What were your intentions with the mix- What did you want to bring to it-
Without overlapping with Alan Thompson’s disc, I wanted to showcase my brand of house music yet keep it accessible enough to encourage the new generation to take a listen… and hopefully get them hooked.  At the moment, it seems music is heading towards that dark/dirty/angry sound and I wanted my disc to bring out a bit more of that warm/emotive/sexy vibe which is synonymous with house music.

How did you choose the tracks you used-
Ministry were great in that they gave me complete autonomy, which I’ve been told is a rarity nowadays. Thanks guys! I knew what I wanted but I still spent a lot of time trainspotting and hunting down tracks. I honestly felt like a five year-old in a toy store!  After compiling one mutha of a wish list, the most agonising part was culling the number of tracks down. 

What have you been up to lately, production-wise-
My production outfit, Those Usual Suspects, comprise of myself, Maarcos and Atridge. We’ve been pretty busy on the production front; our track Dakka has been signed to Hussle locally and Bob Sinclar’s Africanism (a sub-label of Yellow Productions). It’s due for release in November and has already been supported by the likes of David Guetta, Martin Solveig, DJ Spen, Simon Dunmore and Bob Sinclar himself amongst others. We’ve also just finished remixes for Mark James, TV Rock and Andy J locally, had an original signed to Claude Monnet’s SSOH label, have a couple of projects sitting with Ministry and have plenty of remixes, originals and cheeky bootlegs that we are plugging away on. I need a holiday!

Sydney is often seen as the house capital while Melbournians prefer their techno and harder sounds – as a Melbourne based house DJ, do you agree with this stereotype-
I’d probably disagree. Melbourne has had a healthy house music scene, possibly on par with, or even bigger than, Sydney. However, it seems to have gone a bit underground given the evolution of music and the popular trends towards indie and electro at the moment. Music is cyclical and in time house will eventually be back at the forefront. Much respect to Ministry for continuing to push house music as well as Graeme Cordery (SHE), Antonio, the Yum Yum crew and the like who continue their uncompromising quest to bring international house acts to Australia. Strictly for the love of house!

You’ve also spent a lot of time playing in clubs around South East Asia – where is your favourite place to play overseas-
Either Dragon-I in Hong Kong or Club Catwalk in Barcelona – both put on fantastic nights. It was hot and sweaty, and they were rammed tight with beautiful people (plenty of women!) dancing and shaking to unadulterated house music. 

Are you looking forward to the Housexy tour- I can imagine Ministry of Sound tours are massive!
Definitely. It’ll be wicked playing around Australia including in a couple of new towns and clubs. A massive thanks to Kate at Ministry for organising it all and putting up with me. I’m high maintenance! Ha.

WHO: Wei Shen
WHAT: Housexy 3 through EMI
WHEN: Out now