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Wordsworth - Wordsworth The Wait

Author: Darryn King
Friday, 23 November 2007
Wordsworth – one quarter of eMC – is heading to Australia for the first time… but he’s not going to be gentle with us. 3D talks to him about 18th Century romantic poets… sort of.

So you’re in Australia for a tour with Masta Ace and eMC. What are you hoping for from the trip-
I’m really hoping to meet the fans that have been following my career. Some people never get to meet the person who perform the music. So the fans being entertained is all I care about.

Did you take the moniker Wordsworth from the English romantic poet William Wordsworth-
Nah, I actually got the name from a cartoon called Heathcliff. There was a cat on there that would only speak in rhyme and have headphones. This I identified with because I usually would have headphones on in school and I rapped, so it made sense to me. It wasn’t till later I learned of the poet.

Whoops. You studied at the State University of New York College, is that where you picked up the love of lyricism-
S.U.N.Y. isn’t a college, it’s the umbrella that New York colleges fall under. I went to S.U.N.Y. Old Westbury in Long Island, New York. I brought my passion for lyricism to school with me, but that is where I learned different writing techniques and it allowed me to be creative.

Have eMC been doing any recording or any other projects recently, apart from this Oz tour-
Yeah everyone has been working on solo albums. I’m working on my sophomore solo album and other projects. I just participated in a kids’ album called Baby Loves Hip Hop produced by Prince Paul. Also in the works: I got an album entirely produced by Da Beatminerz I’m working on. And I’m also about to release For People Without Turntables vol 4, 5, and 6.

So, when you sit down to pen some words, what are you trying to do-
My main aim is too connect with the listener and give them an inside look on my life. I want the listener to realise I have those same misfortunes going on – and those same achievements to celebrate.

What’s more important for you, a song that affects what people think, or one that makes them rush the dance floor-

They’re both important to me, depending on my mood when making music. A track may steer you in a certain direction and it may make someone rush the dance floor. But I really just want to make great music and, if you want to dance to it, great. If you just want to hear something empowering or inspiring, great too. It’s a mood thing, and depends on what I envision people getting from my music.

A lot of Australians may not have seen you on MTV’s Lyricists Lounge – can you tell us a bit about the show and your involvement-
It was a Hip Hop sketch comedy show. You can see it on Youtube to get an idea. We would put artists in certain situations and rhyme would be the dialogue. I was a writer, producer, and co-creator.

You were also involved in the Slam Bush campaign a couple of years back, can you tell us a bit about that-
Yeah I had gotten involved with that not because I’m so into politics but I felt I needed to say something. I felt compelled because people were sent to war under false reasons. So I just rhymed about what I disagreed with.

Finally, what can you let slip about the upcoming Masta Ace / eMC show in Sydney-
All I can say is I’m not taking that long flight to waste anyone’s time. I’m honoured to be coming there so I will give my all to Australia. Thanks – there is no me without y’all.

WHO: Wordsworth
WHAT: Plays with Masta Ace and eMC at the Gaelic
WHEN: Thursday 6 December