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Yoji - Superstar DJ... Here You Go!

Author: 3D
Monday, 5 November 2007
When people mention the name Yoji Biomehanika, there’s no denying what springs to mind – crazy-arsed hair, brilliant make-up and insane DJing skills. Yes, Japan’s musical maestro of meyhem Yoji is coming back to Australia, and quite frankly 3D is excited.

Your DJing style is both unique and iconic. Do you think being a DJ is more than simply about the music you play, mix and produce-
Since rockstars were once considered as a symbol of subculture, I believe that DJs can also be such a presence I think, and as a matter of fact, nowadays electric dance music is a big trend of young culture.

What productions are you working on at the moment-
Last week I just finished working on an original mix of my new track called Techy Techy, which is the latest release on my label Hellhouse. I have also recently begun the production of a variety of tracks for my upcoming artist album. At the same time, I also have a project to remix a track for a Japanese pop star.

You recently remixed Atomizers’ Time To Time. What was it about this track that made you want to rework it-
I had a variety of influences from old Belgian new beat and Belgian techno from the ’90s.  I especially loved the track, and I wanted to remix this track for some time and finally had the chance to do it. I think that my current tech-dance style matches well with the original track and ended up with a cool track.

You’ve been to Australia numerous times. What attracts you here-

I love the fans in Australia.

And this isn’t your first time at Transmission is it- What can punters expect this time round-
I will prepare a lot of exclusive tracks you can only hear there and I just want the fans to prepare to look forward to it please.

Finally, a DJ of your stature must have a pretty fine rider. What are some of the things you must have backstage whenever you DJ-
Well, first of all I sweat a great deal on stage, so I always ask to place an electric fan in the DJ booth and secondly, my favourite drink, Jack Daniel’s and Veuve Clicquot.

WHO: Yoji Biomehanika
WHAT: Plays Transmission at Sydney Olympic Sports Centre
WHEN: Saturday 8 December