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Yoshi - Yoshi's Story

Author: 3D
Thursday, 13 September 2007
Hard dance fans will be familiar with DJ Yoshi, but perhaps not with his most recent “live” incarnation. 3D chatted to the man in the lead-up to his second-ever live set.

You have been dabbling in things other than hard dance and hard trance, care to tell us more about some of these projects- What type of sound do you play these days-
I still love my trance so I have been playing a lot of uplifting hard trance as well as playing a lot of my own self produced tunes.

I have always taken influences from a lot of different styles of music and I think it helps to keep your sound fresh and unique. At the moment I have been working on a bit of drum n bass as well as some breaks. If I didn’t love the harder sound so much, I would love to be a breaks/dnb DJ.

Any releases coming out that we should know about-
I have been working in the studio with Steve Hill lately and we have just finished a remix of Cry Little Sister by The Lost Brothers, which will be out on Masif sometime soon. I have also just had a four track EP signed to Addiction Digital which will be out 1 October. The EP has three original tracks and a collaboration between myself and DJ Pulsar. I have my remix of Final Riot by DJ Sylas coming out soon on Joyride Music and Dave Joy and I have been working on an original tune that you will just have to wait to hear…
You’ll be playing a “live” set at the upcoming Prophecy rave, what does that entail- Will it be a band or live sample triggering-
My set will consist of sampling over the top of Abelton Live. I will be using my Akai MPC1000 as well as a turntable to sample and if all goes to plan a live vocalist over the top of that.

Will your set list be mostly original tracks, or will you be doing live trance covers-
I’m really keen to push my original material; I think we need a lot more of that here in the Australian trance scene. I have been working with some other DJs and producers here in Sydney and it will be good to showcase that on the night. My set will be a mix of self-produced originals as well as a few remixes. Everything on the night I will have engineered myself, and some of it will be played for the very first time. The [audience] can expect to hear a lot of Yoshi originals and remixes as well as some collaborations with the likes of Steve Hill, Suae and DJ Pulsar.

Finally, what grand plans do you have for the Yoshi live show-
I will be bringing a very energetic and driving sound to the dancefloor that I hope Prophecy will be ready to take on. There will be a lot of vocals and my set will start out as hard trance and end up as hardcore. I have a lot to live up to after the overwhelming response to my last live set at Utopia NYE and I plan to deliver....

WHO: Yoshi
WHAT: Plays live at Prophecy at the Sydney Showground
WHEN: Saturday 6 October