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Young Sid - The Truth Will Set You Free

Author: Ben Vozzo
Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Don’t let the name fool you. Young Sid grew up on the streets of South Auckland – so his words are anything but naïve. 3D’s Benjamin Vozzo hears what he has to say.

How would you describe the style of your debut album, The Truth- From listening to your MySpace it seems to have plenty of club and street bangers.
I would describe it as The Truth. Haha. I would say it’s a well-rounded album from the content to the beats. 
A lot of the tracks on it talk about your experiences growing up in South Auckland. For those who haven’t heard the album, how would you describe the area-
Well from my perspective it’s a bit rugged in South Auckland: you have the gangs, drugs, violence and young parents… On a good note you have hard working people and a lot of culture… I choose to address the negatives but also try to put a positive spin on it. 
Is that really how it is where you’re from – being a hood, carrying weapons and ‘chillin’ up in tha club’-
Yup, that’s what I’ve seen but, to me, it’s just how it is – that’s how I grew up… As for the clubs, I’m not that much of a fan, I’ll go if I have a gig on or something important...  What was it like recording the album in New York- It was a privilege and an awesome experience for me because I come from South Auckland and no opportunities ever come up for us like this… until now that is. I went to New York for two weeks to record with a top notch producer [Cochise]. At first it was hectic for me as I didn't know anyone there but as soon as we started working all the nerves went out the door. We did half of the album with him and it was crazy… 

Your new album includes a collab with US rapper Chamillionaire. That must have been pretty cool, tell us a bit about it.
Well the track is called Come And Ride and features Chamillionare and Tyree. The beat is done by some up-and-coming producers from France. I got this collab through Kirk Harding who is from South Auckland and is now senior vice president of universal international. He also runs the label move the crowd.  The album has been well received by audiences in NZ, what do you hope Aussie listeners get from The Truth- I’m hoping to give Australians and whoever listens to The Truth an understanding of where I’m from and how I was raised. 
So why the decision to rap in American accent- Is it a conscious decision or is that just the way you rap- 
It’s basically just the way I rap – American artists are our major influences in hip hop… but don’t get it twisted, my songs aren't American… They’re tales from South Auckland… But I grew up listening to American hip hop so it’s just the way I rap naturally.  What’s happening with Smashproof- Any new and exciting projects coming up- We are still in the lab polishing this album so that its a banger and the aim is to get the album out 2008 but right now we have just released a mixtape which is called Speed Of Sound 3 – It’s Wrap Musik – it’s a free download and you can get it from my blog!

WHO: Young Sid
WHAT: The Truth through Universal
WHEN: Out now