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Yousef Zaher - Yousef And You

Author: Rezo
Friday, 19 October 2007
Yousef Zaher likes telling long-winded stories, as 3D's Rezo discovered. Stories about why he loves house music, about his most recent compilation, and especially about being a miniature b-boy.

“Yeah, it's true!” he rejoices. “When I was a kid I was into hip hop and stuff from a really young age. My parents would call me this miniature b-boy. I was about 10 at the time and everyone I knew was into music and their BMX bikes. I just kept a closer eye on all of it than most! Then later, I got into early house and rave and all the acid house music that was coming out around that time. Producers were using sped up beats to evolve sounds and then drum N bass came along and then I even went hardcore for a while. Eventually I matured and then got into clubs like Exchange and CREAM and in the meantime, really wanted to become a DJ. So I got to about 16 or 17 when I realised I could afford a set of decks and I did that. I was also buying and borrowing records all over the place and haven't stopped playing since!”

His newest project is another instalment in the Underwater - Solo series to which he further lends his expertise.

“I was looking to do a mix CD and put together a whole bunch of tracks,” he says. “You want to use your own records, you want to include tracks from friends because they are important to you as well, so it is hard - but you just try and stick within the musical parameters. The first thing I set about doing was trying to create a reflection of what I had done in the last 6-12 months. I didn't want to be so anal that there was no idea about what was going on in clubs, so for that reason the album starts off deep and then picks its way up. It's like going to a club at the opening, staying through and rocking it to the end. I kept my eye on the full picture. In the end too, we got all but one or two of the tracks we requested - which I don't understand, but that is another different story - and settled on sifting through the 60 to 70 that I had at my disposal. Actually they were scattered across the studio floor, but in the end I'm pretty much happy with it. I think it's quite slick!”

WHO: Yousef
WHAT: Lost Baggage at The Cross / Underwater - Solo: Yousef through Underwater/Inertia
WHEN: Saturday 27 October / Out now