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Agnelli & Nelson - Belfast Bangers

Author: Rezo
Monday, 18 February 2008
Northern Irish duo Chris Agnelli and Robbie Nelson, aka Agnelli & Nelson, have been writing and producing music since 1997. 3D’s Rezo does the timewarp with the duo.

“We met years ago at a time when we were really the only people making tunes in Northern Ireland!” Nelson says. “Chris had done a track called Lush Gold and asked me to remix it. Then of course I thought it was only right for me to ask him to do a remix of one of my tracks; then after that we decided to do a track together!”

That track was the seminal El Niño – a smash hit that took the world by storm and firmly put the brothers on the electronic music map.

“It was a huge track, a great success,” Nelson admits. “And what did we do after that- Well, we did a few more!” The monster that followed hot on its heels was Everyday, itself a song that captures the club spirit. And if it wasn’t for Agnelli getting slightly bored of playing drums, perhaps the world would not have witnessed their rise and rise. “Yeah, believe it or not I was actually a drummer previously, so I sort of got into being a DJ through that; a natural progression really,” Nelson says.

What the career change didn’t anticipate was the smashing success they would become. Today, they have a number of UK Chart hits under their belt as well as countless edits and remixes that people have asked them to put their name to. When you hear names like U2 and Ferry Corsten bandied around, you realise the boys are remixers to the stars – not penny pinching for their next deal.

Recently too, the boys have been spending some quality time in the studio doing what they do best.

“We’ve actually just finished a couple of remixes,” Nelson says. “One was for Solarstone called Rain Star Eternal which is a beaut trance tune and the other is a great vocal track by Marcus Schulz called Perfect, with both due out later this year.”

Then there was their success in scoring another triumph – ‘trance song of the year’ – with their remix of Big Sky. They also did the Wear That Dress track last year and have another ready to drop soon on Deepblue Records. Travel though is every DJs curse and like many of their peers, they find it difficult to reconcile the time required for both studio production and playing to the fans.

“We have been really busy with the DJ side of things for some time now; we’ve done some great gigs. Our new agent James has seen us spend the last 12 months traveling from Brazil to China and beyond, so that’s been great! We also have two very exciting gigs coming up soon – one is Inside Out at the Arches in Glasgow Scotland (we played there last weekend as well!); there is also our performance at Zouk in Singapore which will be great. We’ve got a 6 hour set coming up there and it’s one of the best clubs in the world for us, we absolutely love it there!”

WHO: Agnelli & Nelson
WHAT: Play Sublime International Airport Mayhem at Home
WHEN: Friday 29 February