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Anna Lunoe - Lunoe Eclipse

Author: 3D
Friday, 2 May 2008
Anna Lunoe is practically a household name across Sydney thanks to her omnipresence in the local indie club scene. A UK tour is nigh, but you can catch her for one last time pre-departure at the new party Click Click. 3D caught up with our old friend.

You’ve played a lot of large gigs recently – do any of them stand out in particular as memorable-
It’s weird because it’s not always the ones you think that stay in your head or make you nervous. When I think back to the last eight months or so I think of supporting MIA, which was my first really big gig. I think no matter what I do in my musical career I will always consider that my scariest/most amazing-est gig! Other fun ones include the Homebake Bumblebeez show, which was so fun, DJ Ayres and Falls Festival with Hoops and Laneway Festival. Oh! And the Spank Rock show! Shit, that was amazing. There have been a whole heap of great actual shows but those are the ones when I had party times with my friends hence making it even more awesome.

So you’re making drum beats now we hear, anything that might get a release soon-
Haha, I’m so far off. Making stuff is just fun for me at the moment. I also have a mic and stuff that I mess around with but these recordings will most probably never, never ever see the light of day! Hmmmm, actually I’m pretty fucking amazing at imitating Amanda Blank but as far as writing my own stuff and releasing myself- I guess we wait and see…

You’re playing Click Click at its brand new Sydney home at the OAF, did you ever get down to one in Melbourne-
Nope, but I did stalk the party’s über-cool Polaroid gallery on the website and thinking to myself how utterly and effortlessly HOT everyone looked. Maybe Polaroids make everyone look like that.

And then shortly after that you’re off overseas for Europe and the UK on the Bumblebeez tour…you lucky bugger. What are you most looking forward to on the itinerary-
Yep, looks like Click Click might be my last gig before I go so I had better make it good. I’m way excited for the tour! And a little bit scared… You would be scared too if you were about to spend three weeks with them crazy bang gang-ga-jangs, vansheezies and ladyhawkes playing non stop each night in a different country. SHIT! Nah, it’s amazing. I’m gonna record everything on my little video camera and blackmail all of them.

I’m also crazy excited to hit up the family farm for a few nights in rural Danmark in the middle of the tour for some fattening up, playing with cousins and windmill tours.

What’s on your to-do list once you get back from OS-
Go on holidays with my man candy, then piece my life back together! I am kinda homeless at the moment. I got stuff in six different houses; it’s driving me and everyone around me mad!

So…if anyone has a room going, hit me up on MySpace. Must have internet.

Finally, your Globetrotters mixtape is up for download on your MySpace, is it a fair indication of one of your current sets-
The mixtape is a pretty good signifier of how mulched up my sets can be at times, that’s for sure. There are quite a few different dorky sub genres in there – I really had no idea how to try to sample all the stuff I wanted to. I think I probably tried to do too much but you’ll have to give me an A for effort at the least. I think it’s one of those mixtapes where everyone’s favourite part will be different.

WHO: Anna Lunoe
WHAT: Plays Click Click at Oxford Art Factory
WHEN: Friday 9 May