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Aston Shuffle - Shuffle One

Author: Jane Stabler
Wednesday, 16 January 2008
‘The Aston Shuffle’ sounds like a dance. The kind of dance that would take the world by storm, and the kind that everyone would break into randomly – like the Macarena – only not quite so humiliating. Shuffler Vance Musgrove is inclined to agree, as he admits to 3D’s Jane Stabler.

“We have been told that,” Musgrove admits, “and we had that in mind a little bit when we came up with it. The whole idea was to come up with [a name] that didn’t include the word recordings or records. It’s actually a mash-up of the suburbs we were living in at the time. We constantly have this discussion about what the dance move looks like and I don’t know but I’m sure it would be really, really sexy. Hopefully it has more longevity and credibility than the Macarena!”

Hailing from Canberra, the Aston Shuffle not only have to contend with people thinking they’re a series of dance steps, but they also have to remind people that they’re from the nation’s capital. It seems people don’t tend to think of Canberra as exporting very much other than, well, porn.

“Conversations generally start with ‘How was Melbourne for you guys-’” Musgrove says with a laugh. “The furthest a field someone thought we came from was LA and [when he found out we’re from Canberra] it took a full 30 seconds for his jaw to return from the floor. We’re definitely really proud to have done it, it feels like Canberra is against the odds [to be] recognised across the rest of the country. It gives us a great sense of pride to be putting Canberra on the map.”

One thing that the group does have in common with Canberra’s most famous offering is the name of their club night. ‘Deep Throat’ certainly fits the stereotype, but Musgrove insists that’s not how it came about.

“If I admitted to knowing anything about the porn industry I’d go a bright shade of red. I’d get all nervous and get a quiver in my voice,” he says unconvincingly. “The origin behind that…let me think…the night preceded the Aston Shuffle but it was the same group of friends involved. The idea at the time was we didn’t want to play straight up mainstream music, [it’s] something deeper [and] a friend of a friend suggested Deep Throat.”

With a Canberra club night, a Sydney residency and their own ongoing productions, the Aston Shuffle’s commitments are continually increasing. Regularly requested to remix for artists, Musgrove reveals that although the excitement of being asked is still there, it’s now more about the pressure of getting it right.

“The Melente thing was the first tune we did together,” he recalls, “and that totally blew us away because it was completely through MySpace and unsolicited and then Melente was contacting us to do a remix and that was totally mind-blowing. Now it’s no less special to be offered a remix from an artist we really admire, but it’s less excitement and more ‘Lets try not to fuck this up’. We’re slightly more cautious. You always want to be reverential of the song and make it your song, but you have to tread the fine balance of being true to the original.”

WHO: The Aston Shuffle
WHAT: Play the Big Day Out, Sydney Showgrounds / Good Vibrations, Centennial Park / For Everyone through Ministry of Sound/EMI
WHEN: Friday 25 January / Saturday 16 February / Out now