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Azzido Da Bass - Night On Doom Mountain

Author: 3D
Thursday, 1 May 2008
Azzido Da Bass is the man behind one the most distinctive tracks of the past decade, Dooms Night. Even if you don’t know it by name, you’ll recognise it by its “whomp, whomp, whomp” hook. 3D chats to Da Bass about the 2008 remix of his killer anthem.

You’ve recently remixed our own Muscles – what other Australian artists would you like to work with-
The Presets or Pnau. At the Groove in the Park festival [NZ] I played on the same stage with Pnau – really, really cool and funny show.

What’s it been like re-visiting your 2000 classic Dooms Night, particularly with so many amazing names like Switch, Crookers and Radio Slave lining up alongside you to remix-
Dooms Night is a huge track all over the world and it was really important to have the best and most fresh remixers about: Radio Slave, Crookers, Laidback Luke, Switch and my mix. These kind of remixers have their own style and make Dooms Night a huge track again. This is not commercial; this is fresh and new.

Your set at the Berlin Love Parade in 2002 is the stuff of legend; can you share a few anecdotes about that performance, and what other gigs have come close to topping it-
You can’t really top this kind of day – it was so amazing. I played to more then 1 million people; many people saw me on TV and heard my set on the radio. I was so surprised and I can’t forget those 20 minutes in Berlin.

Can you tell us about your partnership with Andre Winter – is it pretty harmonious, or do you find yourself clashing occasionally-
It was a harmonious partnership with Andre Winter but [only] for one year. We changed styles [between] electro and minimal. I like more electroclash and he likes more minimal, so we don’t work together and I produce my own Azzido sound and I’m really successful at the moment.

You’ve been DJing for over a decade now – do you still find playing to a crowd as exciting as ever, or does the adrenalin come from the studio these days-
My adrenalin comes from the crowd… I love the Australian crowd. I played some festivals here and I had much adrenalin. The people go crazy here and I like this. In the studio I don’t have adrenalin but when I’m finished my track and I play this on the night and the reaction from the crowd is huge, this is pure adrenalin.

What do you and Luscious Sounds have in store for us looking further into 2008-
I will finish some new Azzido Da Bass songs and then I will come back to Australia. I love it SO much here.

WHO: Azzido Da Bass
WHAT: Plays Break-Inn at Chinese Laundry
WHEN: Friday 9 May