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Bag Radiers - Very Our Baby, Baby

Author: 3D
Wednesday, 16 January 2008
They’re responsible for tow of the raddest tracks of the last year and they know how to throw back a sweet bootleg or two. Of course we’re talking about our very own Bag Raiders and they’re here to save the day. 3D is très excited.

Your debut EP, Fun Punch, featuring the track of the same name as well as Nil By Mouth – both MASSIVE tracks last year – is out. When can we expect your next original release- Is it too early to be thinking about a full-length record-
We’ll start working on another 12 Inch for Bang Gang pretty soon. It’ll be out some time this year. We’re also putting the finishing touches on a record that’ll come out through A-Trak’s Fool's Gold label in the States. No plans to do an album yet... We might have a think about it after the second release. But at the moment we’re pretty happy doing 12s.

This month sees the release of your remix record, featuring reworkings of your tracks by the likes of Knightlife, Whitenoise and ZZZ. How did you hook up with these guys- Are you working on any remixes yourselves-
Whitenoise went to the same school as us – though he’s a few years younger. He’s a fun dude who mostly spends his time getting drunk and lifting weights. We first met ZZZ on the internet then caught up with them in Melbourne where Papa Hoodrat took us all out to a fancy restaurant. They’re awesome. Knightlife – probably my favourite producer in Australia – is from Melbourne too. I think we first met him slumped on the backroom floor of some dingy club down there.

Bag Raiders just finished a whole bunch of remixes – Midnight Juggernauts, teenagersintokyo, Kid Sister, Headman and Supermal to name a few. Some of these are out already, the rest shouldn't be too far away.

You did the production on the Tongue’s debut EP, Bad Education, and we hear you’ve a few more hip hop projects in the work – what’s you interest in hip hop, and what are these future projects-
We love hip hop. At the moment we’re working on a track with a guest vocalist for our Fool’s Gold release.

You have had a few tracks released through Kitsuné – what’s your status like overseas- We’ve seen your name popping up on various European/American blogs…
I dunno what it’s like. I think getting on the Kitsuné compilation probably helped us in Europe and hooking up with A-Trak and Catchdubs will do the same in the States. But we’re yet to go over ourselves and check it out...

Is your calendar looking pretty busy for 2008- What’s planned for the year so far-
At the moment we’re taking a break. Then back to doing shows, the Good Vibes tour, time in the studio… More of the same I guess.

WHO: Bag Raiders
WHAT: Play OzFest at the Greenwood Hotel
WHEN: Saturday 26 Australia