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Baobinga & ID - Monster Mashes

Author: DCR
Sunday, 11 May 2008

3D’s DCR catches up with breakbeat/electro/grime duo Baobinga & ID, who bring their banging album, Big Monster, to oz this week.
Firstly, which member are we speaking with-
Sam Baobinga. Although Ed I.D is just across the room watching pandas sneeze on YouTube, or something like that.  

Congratulations on your stellar album, Big Monster. The name speaks for itself really! You must be pretty happy with it, what was the writing/producing process like for you-
Cheers, glad you like it! We started working on the album in a very round about way a couple of years go, doing singles like Rite of Passage and The Machine. We had originally planned to do a kind of ‘story so far’ album with those tracks, some of our other tunes, and some of the remixes that we’ve done – but as we got stuck into writing we realised we wanted to make a ‘proper’ album that worked from start to finish. Once we took the mindset it all flowed reasonably quickly – quickly but not without plenty of blood, sweat and cups of tea!
Has your rise in the UK scene been rapid or fairly steady- We imagine having tracks on recent Fabric mixes must get your name out there…
Yeah, it’s really good to have the exposure that Fabric brings, and it’s an amazing club to play in as well – obviously! I think we’ve kind of just bubbled along rather than blown up, per se – I think we have a natural aversion to getting too obvious, which works against us a bit in terms of being the ‘hot thing’ but it possibly gives our tunes a bit more longevity. For example, The Machine gets mentioned a fair bit now when people discuss their favourite tunes, but at the time it wasn’t the biggest tune around... 
You blend many genres, such as breaks, grime and electro, all genres that lend themselves to a quintessentially British sound – would you call Big Monster a ‘British’ record- How much of your surroundings are reflected in the record’s sounds-
Hmmm... interesting question! I guess if you look at tracks like Jump Up Get Hype, that’s our take on a Baltimore-type sound, but we’re using British MCs – and ‘regional’ (ie. not London) ones at that. But other than that its quite hard to pin down a particular aspect that is obviously British... it’s probably there, but a bit more subconscious than explicit.  

So how did you two hook up to form Baobinga & ID-
We both met at University, studying Music, Acoustics and Recording – gradually our mutual love of raging amen-based jungle threw us together and the rest, as they say, is history. What a cliché – I apologise for that!  
You’re coming to Australia – what’s a B&ID live experience like-
Speaking for myself, the thing I enjoy most about DJing is taking someone from a place where they know they are happy, and they’re listening to music that they know they like, to a place where they are going crazy to stuff they either haven’t heard before or wouldn’t normally like. So we try and bring a wide range of styles to the table, from house, Baltimore, breaks and techno to dubstep and drum n bass – and as there’s two of us, we can mix very quickly, layer things up and get things going on three and four decks at once. 

Finally, have you any other projects/recordings you want to talk about-
Yeah, I’ve been working on The Body Snatchers with 30Hz, which is like acid-crunk maddie hip hop – the album is due out in June on Passenger and I’m really proud of it. I’ve also got some solo stuff on the way, and I’ve been doing some deeper house and techno stuff just to keep things interesting.  Ed has been doing some sick solo stuff – check for his kind of breakstep/dubstep crossover stuff – top notch drum work with lovely rolling subs. And he’s also got a single due on Re:Connect records sometime soon, which is getting nuff hype!

WHO: Baobinga & ID
WHAT: Big Monster through Fat!/Inertia / Play Destination- at The Cross
WHEN: Out now / Saturday 17 May