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Bass Kleph - On The Tip Of Everyone's Tongue

Author: 3D
Monday, 18 February 2008
Bass kleph is one of the hottest names in the Australian dance scene and you can catch him this week at Dirty Funken Beats. 3D got the lowdown on the life of the Kleph-tomaniac.

One of our favourite questions to ask international DJs here at 3D World is ‘Which Australian DJ/producer are you liking at the moment-’ and, we’re not just saying this, your name comes up consistently. What’s your secret-!
Bribes. Straight out bribes. That and whoring myself out to whoever wants it, hahaha. Umm, actually I don’t spend much time talking about what I’m doing as I’m usually too busy out there doing it. I love my job. I love waking up and writing music everyday, or playing to crowds all over the world. Maybe this comes through in the music I write. Or maybe it’s the fact that I just write what I want to hear, and not what I think other people want to hear.

So how’s your label, Vacation Records, going- What’s on the cards for 2008-
Vacation is going gangbusters! Or as fRew would say, it’s “pure vibes”. The success has been overwhelming. I only started it as a place for my friends and I to release our music in a safe and easy environment. I never expected it to become it’s own entity.

So this year we’re raising the bar. We’ve already put out eight releases in under a year featuring music from Twocker, Stupid Fresh, Hook N Sling, Gotye, N’fa, Dopamine, fRew, myself and many more. In 2008, we’ll now have music from all of the above plus Micky Slim, Mowgli, Kid Dub, Tommy Trash and Poxymusic too. We’re also just about to shoot the first in a series of music videos for the label. Plus there will be more events, more giveaways and more “pure vibes”.

Tell us a little about your mix CD out through your label.
It will be a yearly snapshot of the best Vacation tracks. We’ll include the best of 2007 with some of the freshest un-released VR stuff from 2008 too. I’ll be mixing the first in the series, and then we’ll swap DJs for each year after. Release date is currently pencilled in for April/May.

And finally, are you working on some originals- Have you plans for an EP/LP this year-
Always. Coming up in 2008 there are collaborations with Hook N Sling, Stellar MC, Brian Campeau and Chris Arnott. There are also remixes for Sarah Mcleod, Micky Slim, Stupid Fresh, Twocker and Claire Clarke. That’s just what’s locked in. There may well be a Bass Kleph artist album too, plus a bunch of other surprises to keep you in the holiday spirit…

WHO: Bass Kleph
WHAT: Plays Dirty Funken Beats at Favela
WHEN: Friday 22 February