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Ben Korbel - Start Spreadin' The News

Author: 3D
Thursday, 24 January 2008
When you head to Arq to catch Ben Korbel in action, don’t expect him to be wearing the latest designer retro gear or a slogan-adorned tee – this guy’s more Sinatra than Sinden, as 3D discovered.

When it comes to music, you have more than one talent… Do you manage to get in any piano or French horn practice nowadays-
I’ve not picked up the French horn since I left school, so that is 12 years ago – sheeeesh! They were really expensive to buy so I ditched it and got decks instead. I would like to pick it up again someday. My girlfriend thinks I blow my nose like a French horn, the sound is not dissimilar, though a French horn isn’t full of snot. Piano I still have a tinkle on now and then but don’t religiously practice.

Do you think that being classically trained in music makes you approach your DJ sets differently to other DJs-

It makes me dress like I am hanging out at the opera house, tuxedo etc. And being classically trained, I sometimes rest a turntable on my shoulder and try to play it like a violin. In all seriousness, having a musical background probably helped shape the sort of dance music that I hunt down. I generally like more intricate and thought-out music rather than something that gives a cheap cheer.

You’ve said a lot about your change in taste, from happy hardcore to trance to progressive house to house… What are you really into at the moment-
At the moment, I’m loving house music and deep house, probably on the European tip, with occasional bits and bobs of everything else, still liking lots of wobbly techy stuff too. My favourite acts include Stryke, Will Saul, Vincenzo, Matthias Tanzman, Johnny D, MotorcitySoul, Guido Schneider, Luciano, Samim, Dandy Jack…

We imagine your Yearly Planner for 2008 is already crammed full of stuff – anything you can tell us about what’s in store-
We’ve got a bunch of parties coming up, first with James Zabiela at Arq, then Playground Weekender with Tiefschwarz, Ben Watt, Steve Bug, Spirit Catcher, Will Saul etc. Then Nic Fanciulli at Easter and then preparing for our We Love Sounds festival across the country during the first two weeks of June. Loads of new acts, first time in the country, to look forwards to for We Love Sounds…

So what do you think of your partner in crime, James Zabiela-
James is a bit of a freak of nature. Part human, part robot, part hair bear surfy look-a-like. He’s one of the most competent DJs on the planet technically and has developed an amazing following in Australia and especially Sydney. Very excited to have him back!

What do you think we can expect from the sideshow-
Expect amazing sound and lighting. We normally don’t rabbit on about this sort of thing, though for the JZ sideshow we’ve specifically hunted down Arq as the ideal venue, given its superior sound system and strangely cool, over the top lighting rig (that moves and is shaped like a waffle!). Also JZ playing an extended set of course, along with Minimal Fuss taking over the Vortex (basement level).

WHO: Ben Korbel
WHAT: Supports James Zabiela at Arq
WHEN: Friday 15 February