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Bluejuice And Paper Scissors - Cutting The Juice

Author: 3D
Monday, 7 April 2008

Two of Sydney’s most loved (and most eclectic) acts, Bluejuice and the Paper Scissors are teaming up to take their less talk, more problems tour on the road around Australia. We thought we’d ask each of them what five essential items they’ll be taking on tour.

1. Some juice made from spinach and some from lemons and we combine them and get a blue drink, because there is nothing that I’d like to put in my body (it is a temple remember) that is naturally blue. Or we could just take Bluejuice I suppose, they probably taste better.

2. Nurofen Plus. I saw Jerry from Bluejuice the other day and he said, “I’m really looking forward to just getting drunk and playing music after the shows ’til four in the morning.” That put a large dose of both excitement and fear in me, and there will no doubt be many a headache; thus Nurofen – it’s our painkiller of choice. Maybe we should do an ad with them, haha. “Small, white, effective...” [Party on Jai… – Ed]

3. My ukulele. It is an essential part of the entourage – you never know when you will need to be drunk and play in a back alley outside some club. And the uke is the perfect portable instrument.

4. I need to get a new camera and take that.

5. Layers. We’re gonna be in lots of different climates: Melbourne will be rainy, Tasmania will be cold, Byron will hopefully be sunny.

1. The Paper Scissors (otherwise we’re fucked).

2. Some paper and scissors (so they feel like bluejuice understand them and their needs).

3. PhDJ, so he can shoot some footage, some smack and some pheasants.

4. Photos of our parents. It gets lonesome on tour.

5. Signed posters of ourselves.’Cause you never know how much they’ll be worth, eh-

WHO: The Paper Scissors & Bluejuice
WHAT: Play The Gaelic Club / Triselles, Katoomba / Oxford Tavern, Wollongong / Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle / Transit Bar, Canberra / Hotel Great Northern, Byron Bay
WHEN: Saturday 12 April / Saturday 3 May / Thursday 8 / Saturday 10 / Friday 16 / Sunday 1 June