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Boy + Girl

Author: 3D
Thursday, 10 April 2008
Shirley Temple duo Boy+Girl chat to 3D about sharing a booth with Justice, and perfecting new dance steps to have the nation busting its moves.

You’re a relatively new duo, how long have you both been producing music-
We’ve been producing music together for almost two years now, and under the Boy+Girl style and name for about a year and a half.

You’ve already supported Justice, which is probably something everyone wants to do. What was that gig like-
It was awesome and really intense at the same time. We played live in this enormous six-foot high DJ booth that had been constructed for them on stage, so it was a really small space for a band. The whole time there were people climbing all over the booth and hanging off it trying to get the best spot, especially towards the end because Busy P was on right after us. We killed it though and the sound was huge. Not to mention we had everyone on the floor moving and shaking, so we see it as a success.

Shirley Temple is your single. Will it be released on an EP shortly, or just a 7 Inch or something-
The plan is to have a release for Shirley Temple by mid-year on an EP with some of our other songs, maybe on a 12 Inch.

Have you got an EP or full-length record coming soon-

We’re doing the EP now and hopefully pressing it on vinyl. As for an album, it hasn’t really come into our minds but surely will be something of a goal next year.

What sort of music do you bring in as an influence on your tracks- There’s quite an 80s soundtrack vibe going, kinda like what Maethelvin are doing…
We definitely have an 80s influence to our sound and the gear we use lends itself to that era, but we’ve never been about recreating styles or what someone else sounds like, because that’s why niche bands exist and we feel we have more to offer musically. As for Maethelvin, they seem to really work off arpeggios and pads, which give them quite a progressive feel whereas we are starting to focus on vocals and grooves.

The music video to the track is great. Where did the idea come from- Do you envision the dance moves taking off in clubs across Australia-
The video works on so many levels because it not only serves as a music video for Boy+Girl, but also features original designer clothes from Melbourne, as well as two very talented young choreographers/dancers. When we learn how to dance like that then we’ll have no problem introducing it into clubs.

WHO: Boy+Girl
WHAT: Street Party at Oxford Arts Factory
WHEN: Friday 18 April