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Burn The Drama - Caution: Flammable

Author: 3D
Monday, 5 May 2008
Fresh from victory in the Perisher Blue Launch Your Band competition, Burn The Drama are about to explode onto the mainstream; 3D asked some questions from safe cover.
How did your band come together-
It was a mix of chaotic and random happenings. I was dragging my solo acoustic act around Sydney for about a year when a mate of mine gave me some numbers to call. One of them led to Joe Purcell, our drummer. Spending miscellaneous weeknights at random gigs. I met a bass player, Tim Keegan, who joined us for a while. Through Tim, Nick Rudenno joined the band, who had a slick lead guitar style. And at a house party I met Rhys Graves; I gave him some demos to listen to, which must have been convincing, coz he’s been our bass player since the summer of 03/04. Since that time our music changed and took on a larger, edgier sound which we all get a kick out of.

Where was your first live act as a group-
It’s hard to say. I think it was the Cat & Fiddle Hotel in Balmain, NSW.

How did you determine the name of your band-
Originally, the name was my way of venting my frustration. Our first name attracted legal attention from a US law firm. After this, Nick dubbed us ‘The Drama’ - it seemed fitting. It was also fitting that taking on this new name would also have issues that would lead to a legal death-match. We were frustrated that every name we wanted was either taken, or someone would fight us to keep it. After a while I simmered down and the word 'Burn' came to mind. It made sense. It was unique. It stopped being a curse and became a catch cry.

How would you describe your music-
It's loud and energetic. Some people call it hard, indie or alternative rock. It depends on the listener, I guess. Imagine a hard beat, big distorted melodies, punchy lead guitar riffs and dirty, driving bass lines. Under all of that, there’s an intent toward keeping our sound honest to what the song is discussing.

What inspires your music-
Moments, people’s intentions, what we all go through and what we love and loathe.

What other artists do you admire-
We all dig and respect artists such as Muse, Editors and The Killers. We also have appreciation for artists like Quicksand, Silversun Pickups, Sarah Blasko, Arcade Fire, Interpol, Bloc Party, Shihad, To The Throne ... I’m sure there are more that I’ve missed.

How do you feel about winning Launch Your Band-
We’re excited. It’s a bit surreal too. Having our song heard on TV is awesome widespread exposure for any band. We have sweated for any ounce of exposure that we’ve had, and when something like Launch Your Band comes along, it’s a shot in the arm... and it raises people’s eyebrows.

With this success as a platform what are your plans and hopes for the future-
We are currently recording with Paul McKercher on a record that we hope will introduce a larger audience to what we are about. Launch Your Band could not have come at a better time!  The EP, including the song Live In The Moment, will be officially released in August/September this year. We also hope to follow that up with an album in early 2009.
WHO: Burn The Drama
WHAT: Perisher Blue Launch Your Band Competition
MORE: myspace/burnthedrama