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Carlos Zarate - A Thug's Life

Author: 3D
Friday, 11 April 2008
Sweetchilli affiliate thug nights is turning one so who better to talk to than the man who started it all, carlos zarate- Incidentally he’ll also be djing on the night.

You started Thug Nights and Management as an offshoot to your work for Sweetchilli, what was the aim with the company- What gap were you filling-
When I first started with Sweetchilli I was helping out Crispin and Dan with bits and bobs but I wanted more. I started Thug out of a need to be more involved in the scene. The aim of the company was to work with the artists I was managing and grow together. Working with guys like Mark, Robbie and Nathan when I was quite fresh was a great experience and taught me a lot.

You’ve had a long-standing residency at the Sweetchilli parties, and also a residency at Famous; I wouldn’t think that the two parties sit terribly close together in the musical spectrum, do they each require a different approach-
Sweetchilli gigs are always my favourite – biased opinion I know, but it’s exactly where I’m at musically. That said the Famous gigs taught me a lot about DJing. It was a huge challenge to work the floor in that environment and it was a great experience. A DJ is at the end of the day there to entertain, not to self indulge, so finding that fine line between playing something I was passionate about and that worked was always lots of fun.

Your debut EP The Courtside is due out very soon, how is it coming along- What sort of sound have you been leaning towards in your production-
The Courtside is finished, just waiting for a release. It should be available on Beatport at the end of April. It is a tech house EP and has been getting some great feedback. I sent the EP to Luke Fair a couple of months back and he really liked Southern Exposure (one of the tracks) – he is still playing it, which is awesome. That was pretty special! On the production tip I enjoy working on anything from deep house to techno.

You’ve signed it with German label 2600 Records, how did that connection come about-

Tim Jirgenson who I co-produced the EP with has had numerous releases on Night Drive Music, the parent label of 2600. We sent it to them to get some feedback and they loved it and signed it straight away.

You’ve got Petter in town for the Thug Nights first birthday party, any other big internationals planned for the year ahead-
Fingers crossed! That said I love supporting the local scene and try to get one new underground local act in for every party. If an international comes along that’s great, but we have so much quality talent here in Australia.

WHO: Carlos Zarate
WHAT: Plays Thug’s First Birthday at Civic Hotel
WHEN: Friday 18 April