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Casbah 73 - Rock The...

Author: Rezo
Wednesday, 6 February 2008
Spanish-born Irish-living DJ/producer Oli Stewart, more commonly known as Casbah 73, loves his big beat and jazz, blending the two into his original productions, including the recent Pushin’ 40. 3D’s Rezo caught up with Stewart to discuss this new record.

Tell us about Pushin’ 40 – is there a message in that title-
I was in New York and I went to see Danny Krivit (one of my favourite DJs) play his infamous 718 Sessions. I get there and the cops are outside, watching the crowd as they wait to get in. The bouncers were demanding valid ID from everybody. No ID, no entry, no exceptions.

So I’m standing in line waiting to get in and this guy storms past us in the opposite direction, he’d been refused entry and he’s cursing and muttering to himself, “ID- What [do] they want my ID for man, I’m pushin’ forty!”

Me and my friends were falling about laughing and I just thought it was a great title for my album. For a while it was just a work-in-progress title but then I realised it fitted in perfectly with the general vibe of the album.

And tell us about the inspiration for the album – how did you go about producing and writing it-
I get some of my inspiration from the clubs I play at; the whole idea of people dancing together and having a great time while listening to music they love. I don’t consider it primarily a dance album – it’s very rhythmic but not some pounding club experience! I wanted it to hang together and work as a collection of songs, so in that sense I guess a lot of my inspiration comes from the music I love, classic soul albums of the ’70s, while at the same time mixed in with modern day sampling culture and electronic production styles.

How important were the collaborations and inputs from others-
I put the whole project together on my own. That means that I composed, recorded, mixed and produced every track on the album, wrote all the lyrics – you know, lots of work! So being able to count on amazing singers like NY-based Mariella and Majka Edjo [Sweet Vandals] was crucial, they have the ability to walk in and nail a song in a couple of takes, which makes my work much easier. More importantly, it adds so much richness and variety to my sound.

Finally, what can we expect from you in the future- An Australian tour perhaps-
I’m currently in the studio working on some remixes, one of which is for Mariella Gonzales, who has a solo project going on. I just finished one for ’70s legend Janko Nilovic – he has a compilation/retrospective project going on. There’s remixes from my album coming out soon and I’m working on some more club-oriented material for release on 12 Inch. After that, I plan to start on another album. I’d love to visit Australia!

WHO: Casbah 73
WHAT: Pushin’ 40 through HiTop/Creative Vibes
WHEN: Out now