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Claire Clarke - Unhinged

Author: Anita Connors
Monday, 10 March 2008
Bluestone Records


Apparently, Claire Clarke is Australia’s answer to Avril Lavigne. This is hard to appreciate since the Perth-resident both looks and sounds like a country singer gone pop rock. Channelling ’90s alternative Americana, 19-year-old Clarke expresses herself with surprising maturity and polish – you could easily add 10 years to her age. Providing much needed relief on the airwaves from the likes of Operator Please and The Veronicas, Clark’s debut album Unhinged will be loved by rock listeners of the Nova variety and Mix 106.5 mothers alike.

The first singles off the album are Rush and Smell the Roses, and together they show two sides of the rock coin. Like the whole album, both tracks are acutely lyric-conscious, yet while Rush is soft, unassuming and ordinary, Smell the Roses is loud, angry and impressive. As such, Unhinged can be seen as the careers of Alanis Morissette and Natalie Umbruglia reduced to one album. So the question that arises is, does she have longevity-